Coca-Cola’s Healthy Drink Strategy is Paying Off

According to trade publication Beverage-Digest, soft drink consumption in the USA reduced by 89.8% in 2016. Despite the new attitude of consumers toward soda and carbonated drinks, Coca-Cola has not stayed idle with its core brands. It recently launched Coke Zero and Diet Coke brands in a bid to revive their sales but consumers eschew artificial sweeteners and opt for other kinds of beverages.

Coca-Cola is now selling Diet Coke in new flavours and in taller, skinnier cans while intensifying the cola drink as a great unsweetened choice. It also evolved its core messaging from happiness to taste of an unequivocal feeling; exploring the deep shores of emotional branding.

Coca-Cola increased spending on e-commerce promotion and improved online product placement, integrating with voice products like Inc.’s Echo and adding impulse-buy opportunities. Coca-Cola Zero Sugar brand has seen double-digit growth; profit was 47 cents a share, excluding some items and surpassing analysts’ average estimate of 46 cents. Revenue was $7.6 billion, compared with an estimate of $7.35 billion. Diet Coke returned to positive volume growth in North America as a result of intense branding.

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