The seventh planet from the sun, 2.871 billion km away from the sun, has hydrogen sulphide covering its atmosphere. The closest description to this smelly chemical is rotten eggs and human flatulence. Scientists discovered evidence of “the noxious gas swirling high in the giant planet’s cloud tops” after observing how sunlight bounced off Uranus’ atmosphere.

Using a 26-foot Gemini North telescope, the team of scientists studied the reflected sunlight in infrared and determined what types of molecules made up the planet’s atmosphere. Irwin said scientists were still “able to detect the chemical composition of Uranus unambiguously” given the sensitivity of their instruments and the “exquisite conditions” on Mauna Kea. More research will follow, according to Glenn Orton, a planetary scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, to discover how the solar system came to be. The spacecraft to be used will pass through Uranus pungent clouds. Do you want to come along?.

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