Automobile: Tesla Red Model 3 and White Model S outshine others at Beijing car show 2018

Tesla White Model S is the premium electric car that stole the limelight at the Beijing car show. Local media and lots of attendees swarmed around (blue) Model X, (red) Model 3 and (white) Model S despite the fact that Tesla is participating in the Beijing show for the first time. Tesla exhibits huge potential of being the world’s largest electric-car company and also, will benefit from China’s decision to permit foreign carmakers to take full ownership of their local ventures, while reducing import tariffs.

South African born business magnate, Elon Musk, co-founder and product architect of Tesla, hasn’t been able to secure a deal to open an assembly plant in China even after negotiating with Shanghai’s government for more than a year as a result of disagreements on the ownership structure. However, at the Beijing show, executives from local and global rivals were among those checking out Tesla’s stand, a spokeswoman for the company reported. Tesla’s expanded push in China would impact rivals from Daimler, Volkswagen AG and BMW AG. Which of the colours do you prefer?

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By Hi Sports

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