Effect of lime on sperm

We talk so much about different fruit and vegetables and female fertility associated with eating this or that product, but we often forget about men and their health issues. Let us talk about the effect of lime on sperm and male fertility. Is lime good for men or not? Is it necessary to drink lime juice every day or avoid taking it when you have a particular dream such as pregnancy of your wife?

Lime is citrus. This fruit is nearly as popular as lemon. People make fresh lime juice, add lime slices to their drinks and meals.

Usually, this is a round fruit of yellow or green colors. It is a valuable product for medicine and cosmetic industry. Raw fruit is rich in vitamin C and citric acid. It has nearly 90 percent of water and about 10 percent of carbohydrates. It is nearly free of fat and has less than 1 percent of protein.

Lime has both benefits and disadvantages for women and men. We would like to discuss these pros and cons and help you make your decision whether to consume lime or not.

Benefits of lime

Lime does have a big list of advantages. It can be good for your health because of its amazing medical properties that are good for skin, weight, your inner systems, etc.

Here is the list of the main benefits of lime you can enjoy as a man:

Scurvy treatment thanks to a big amount of vitamin C contained in the fruit. Skin health and protection from different skin infections thanks to antioxidants contained in lime. Better digestion thanks to acidity (lime is rich in it.)Possibility of weight loss thanks to citric acid (it can help you burn body fat.)Constipation relief thanks to the ability of lime acids to clean your tract. Diabetes management thanks to dietary fiber present in lime. Urinary problems treatment which is great for men who are 40 years old or older.

Besides, drinking a glass of lime juice a day can be good for your heart, arthritis treatment, eyes, gums, etc.

Effect of lime on male fertility

Some women believe that drinking lime juice can be a nice way to prevent pregnancy. Scientists do say that there are anti-infertility properties in lime and this fact makes many communities in Nigeria and across Africa believe that lime can become their personal herb in love affairs.

You have read that lime can help treat male urinary disorder. It really has enough potassium to help the male body get rid of bad substances stored in their kidneys. It can also remove precipitates and excess calcium stored in urinary bladder and tract. This is how lime juice or raw fruit can become your personal ‘urinary’ doctor.

What do we know about the effect of lime on sperm? It is believed that too much lime acid can actually kill the male sperm cells and this is why women cannot become pregnant when they and their partners start consuming lime on a regular basis.

In other words, people think that it is better to avoid drinking lime juice or consuming lime if you are planning a baby or your wife is already expecting a child.

The effect of lime on male fertility can be amazing or unpleasant. Everything depends on the amounts of lime consumed by a man. Since lime is rich in vitamin C, it can be good for boosting and improving the male fertility. At the same time, too much of this fruit can hurt the sperm cells and lead to harmful effect.

Disadvantages of lime

It is better to consume an average amount of lime and never exceed and take too much of this fruit rich in acids. Still, people with some diseases and medical problems should always consult a doctor before eating lime or drinking lime juice. You might be allergic to this fruit or experience other issues. It can also be unsafe to apply lime oil right to your skin if it is too sensitive.

You can see that lime can be both good and bad for your health, male fertility, and sperm cells. There are many advantages and some disadvantages of consuming the fresh lime juice or adding lime to your everyday meals. However, you should not try to cure infertility with lime by yourself. Always talk to your doctor before taking a decision.

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