Four annoying statements men should never say to a woman

Every relationship has its ups and downs. We all have our weaknesses. Problems do come up in every relationship but the main focus is to work on them.

Anger often brings the worst in people and some say hurtful things to their loved ones. Others go to the extent of blocking their partners, give them silent treatment or take time off.

Men, however, during such situations can inadvertently make these annoying, stereotypic statements that hurt women. They include:

Is it that time of the month?

Many men always ask this a lot. They assume that women create a fuss during pre and post menses. Every man should avoid asking this especially when she is already angry because it worsens things. She may be going through something deep that she has not shared with you yet but you have assumed she is just hormonal and moody because of her menses. Avoid asking her this and ask her about her well-being.

Are you crazy?

Every woman has a crazy side and we can’t deny that. It is said that behind every crazy woman is a man that made her feel that way. Telling it to her face is a no-no. It amounts to disrespect and during arguments, it does not help her cool down. Love your woman and strive to make her happy always.

Why are you angry and it’s not a big deal?

Some men have the nerve to always ask this. If it made her angry, it is a big deal! For instance, you may have spotted him flirting with one of your girlfriends’, postponing planned dates last minute or failed to do something important that you had requested him to. In every relationship, there are boundaries that have been set and they should be followed. If you have done a mistake, apologize and strive to avoid repeating them.

Calm down

At times, it’s good to hear this from your man because he wants you to be relaxed. When a woman is angry at you because there is a huge mistake that has been committed, don’t tell her this because it could transpire to something else.

Let her shout, vent or scream! It’s good to give her that time for she will feel relaxed later. Simply be there for her by encouraging her, working things out.

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