What Will Our World Look Like in 2099 As Predicted By Genius Futurist Whose Predictions Are Always True

Do you believe in predictions? Well, our civilization has had numerous prophets and seers but those were mainly the people who would give their predictions about the future based on some hallucinations. What if someone would try to make predictions based on their knowledge and experience? Well, that is why we have tried to explore the predictions of one guy, Ray Kurzweil.

Ray is an inventor, scientists, an inventor, and futurist. He is also involved in fields such as optical character recognition, text-to-speech, speech recognition technologies, AI development, etc. He is a genius.

Well, he made a huge number of predictions and over 80% of those came true. And now he predicts that robots are going to become a common household item like a toaster or an oven. He literally said that robots are going to become a “mainstream” thing in 2027.

The guy has a nice track record in predicting all sorts of things, and that is why we simply can’t take his words for granted.

The Modern-Age Seer

Ray made some predictions and published them in three books. 115 out of 147 predictions came true. And the rest were only partially true and 3 were a total miss. And we have found some of his predictions that we are yet to see.

The Huge Advancement in Medical Science 2019

According to Mr. Kurzweil, medical science is going to make giant leaps in 2019 and humanity will annihilate almost 95% of deathly diseases. That may even include cancer.

The Reversed Aging

The advanced use of stem cells is going to slow down the aging process and maybe even completely reverse it.

2020 is the Year of Compact PCs

According to Ray, computers are going to be smaller in 2020 and they will be a part of our clothing. We will have flexible computers that you could use almost anywhere.

The One World Government

Humankind is going to unite in the near future. The political arena will come to that point in which globalization will force all the governments to form one new “World Government”.

Biotic Humans

Ray says that humans are going to start experimenting with nanotechnology in order to improve human bodies. Think, artificial limbs, memory chips, artificial organs, improved vision, etc.

Unmanned Vehicles

A long time ago, Ray made a prediction about unmanned aircraft which are now being used by armies around the world. Well, now he thinks that it is the prime time to start trusting our lives in the AI and the unmanned road vehicles. According to him, that will reduce the chance of human traffic error. Some of those vehicles have already been developed by almost all vehicle manufacturers, starting with TESLA.

Humans will Use Nanotechnology To Understand The Human Brain

Well, scientists are allegedly going to use the nanotech to map the human brain.

In 2027, Humans Will Finally Deliver the Final Version of the A.I

According to the world’s best scientists, we should be extremely careful when developing the first fully automated AI. And while the AI could help people with brain-related maladies like dementia, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, and memory loss, it could also mark the end of the humankind. Optimists say that the AI will cure us all, and pessimists say that one wrong line of code would be enough to erase the entire civilization.

The AI will pass the Turing Test in 2029.

By 2029, robots and other machines will be able to think and feel like us. They will even be able to pass the “Turing Test” which proves the ability to think like a human.

The Thin Line Between the Physical and Virtual Reality Will Disappear

The virtual reality is now taking its first baby steps. However, 2029, we will not be able to make a difference between the two.

Nanotechnology Will Make Eating Unnecessary

Nanotechnology is going to help us heal faster. It will fix our bodies from the inside, and some say that we won’t even have the need to eat…

In 2030 We Will be Able To Upload Our Consciousness

And according to Ray, we will be able to upload our thoughts and ideas directly into the computer. So, we won’t have to use traditional input methods like a keyboard and mouse. And you won’t need and VR equipment to do that. Everything will be done by nanomachines.

Telepathy Through Networking

And since nanotechnology will be a part of our cells, then we will be able to communicate without phones and PCs.

Improved Bodies

And by 2030, humans will be able to change the physical appearance whenever they like.

Men Will Lose The Fight

And by 2040, artificial intelligence will start its rule over the biological intelligence. People will get bored with the normal world and will spend the most of their time in a world similar to the “Matrix”.


2045 – Huge Upgrades For the Human Body

Human bodies will get upgrades just like programs now do. Nobody will have abnormalities and weaknesses. And when we combine this with the reversed aging, we get the version of a human being fit for interstellar travel.

AI Will be The Smartest “Life Form” on Earth

And since everyone will start upgrading their minds and bodies, the AI will be the smartest thing in the world. And there won’t be much difference between humans and machines.

By 2099, Earth Will Become one Super Computer

Traditional humans will have to live in reservations because the world will become one huge PC. Space travel will become widely available and the speed of light will no longer be an obstacle. Human’s AI will spread its influence throughout the galaxy, and it will not stop there.

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