Lions are referred to as the kings of the jungle, but in reality lions don’t hunt, lionesses do. Lions only go to work when the prey overshadows the queens or to defend their pride from other lions. Most times they just sleep or lie down almost through out the day (a least 18hrs).

But this lioness caught my eyes, for you see she was hunting alone to prove her worth to her newly found mate as a badass hunter,mother and a queen who will give birth to the next generation of lions better put the PRIDE. When she spotted her meal meters away, she went into stealth mode, although hunting in broad daylight and upwind reduces her chances of succeeding drastically, she pressed forward, crawling and counting her steps like all big cats do, waiting for the right time to pounce but amid way she stopped “confused”, her prey isn’t running away, its just sitting down there enjoying the morning breeze “Why”? This must be bigger than me, all my prey flees but this chum isn’t shaking, something must be wrong, I better not risk it, she thought within herself.


She turned herself and started to crawl back to her king but suddenly she gave a sharp twist and burst out into speed, chasing her prey and biting it by the throat,squeezing the life out of it. Breakfast is ready, potential mother and queen is proven and all rights are earned.

Wonderful right? She had a point to prove, a passion she needed to see (make it) come into reality, she had a drive and a purpose. Let me ask you, what drives you,what makes you burn internally and externally? What makes you do the things you do, what’s your reason, why? What makes you hungry, ask yourself why? What is stopping you from taking the necessary steps, to plan and take actions? What is confusing,hindering you? That’s is the question you should ask yourself every morning when you wake up.
For you see what keeps us going is the burning PASSION within, that unrepenting HUNGER.

*WHAT DRIVES YOU?* I need your comments..

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