Close your pots always!

Sad information but useful to share.

This is an unfortunate finding made in some houses.

Pots, water cans and other containers are often either uncovered or poorly covered. and generally, it is women (girls and mothers) who are super skilled in this.

Read this story, if it shocks you, please, share it to the maximum with your contacts especially with the female beings.

It’s really sad.

“A couple, whose wife is menopausal, has just lost 5 children because of the imprudence of the mother not used to cover her pots after cooking.
indeed, used to share the table with her husband, she first served her 5 children, good sauce with cow meat accompanied by foufou, waiting for dad to come.

Thirty minutes after eating, four of the five children stopped breathing without a cry.
the last child was still moving when the mother entered the living room while the first four had returned their souls. Shouting for help, the last one followed his brothers. All 5 boys are dead.
after autopsy of the forensic doctor at the request of the parents, it was found that the children were poisoned.
Who could do such an act? Is it their own mom? No visitor came to the house and all these children did not come out, it was Sunday.
after examining the pot in which the meat was prepared, it was found that a corpse of gecko (mangy little lizard crawling on the walls of the houses) was in the sauce. Mom admitted that she did not cover the pan.
the sauce being hot, the little reptile drowned, thus secreting its toxic substances which carried away those victims of maternal imprudence.
The mother, who is menopausal, wants to commit suicide. But she is guarded by the police in her own home.

This happened at GOMA in North Kivu “in the DRC.

Had they all eaten at the same time, the whole family would have died the same day.

That the woman or the man who has ears hears well.

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