The biggest fish in the world

Would you like to see the picture of the biggest fish in the world? There are so many interesting animals, mammals, and fish under the sea and ocean waters that it can be tricky to name the biggest fish in the whole wide world.

Let’s think how we can define what fish is. You know how giant whales are, but they are not fish. They are called mammals. Thus, we can’t say that whale is the biggest ocean fish in the world. So which one is?

What is the biggest fish in the world?

The fish is usually considered a specie that lives in waters (sea, ocean, river, lake) and uses grills to breathe. Its blood is cold, and it has scales as well as fins. Sometimes when you think you know the name of the biggest fish in the world, it could turn out that you are talking about a whale or other representative of aquatic life.

The picture of the biggest fish in the world looks dangerous. However, this fish is not as dangerous for humans as other types of sharks. We are talking about the whale shark. It is considered the biggest ocean fish in the world because it can reach over 12 meters in length. The fish’s weight is impressive as well, as the whale sharks can weigh over 30,000 kilograms.

If we compare the biggest fish in the world with the American school bus, we will notice that they are similar in length. Isn’t it amazing?

Whale shark

The world’s biggest fish got such name because its size reminds of a whale and it prefers swimming in tropical oceans. The huge mouth of this specie is designed to filter small plankton. Yes, this shark eats plankton and is rarely met by humans.

It does have a huge mouth full of tiny teeth (compared to the size of the shark). However, these teeth are not able to grasp the prey or crush/break it into pieces. The biggest fish in the world has more than 300 rows of teeth. Can you imagine this? People were really afraid of this ocean monster for many years because of the enormous size, not many facts known and the mouth that can open up nearly 1.5 meters wide.

Besides, this type of shark has an extremely narrow throat. This means it is not capable of swallowing a big fish or a human. You can find many pictures of the world’s biggest fish with researchers safely touching her mouth and fins because this species is not aggressive at all. However, all researchers are advised not to swim by this fish when it is having dinner.

The huge yet peaceful whale shark mostly loves swimming alone and avoids meeting people. Its beautiful color makes different nations give her their own names. For example, people from Latin America often call it ‘dominoes’ and citizens of Madagascar believe this fish is ‘multi-star’ due to the big number of starry-like spots on the blue background. In addition, people from Vietnam equate the biggest fish in the whole wide world to their gods.

What do you think about the whale shark? Does it look scary to you or not?


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