BEA scholarship application form 2018-19 for university students: how to apply

Have you always dreamed of studying abroad? Well, with the help of the BEA scholarship, you can do that! Learn here about the scholarship, its requirements and application process. Find out how you can make your dreams come true!

What is BEA scholarship in Nigeria?

BEA stands for Bilateral Education Agreement. The BEA scholarship offers the opportunity for Nigerian students to study abroad. It is available for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, but we are here to talk about the undergraduate option only.

With the help of the BEA scholarship, you can study in the field of your choice in the following countries:

Algeria; Cuba; Egypt; Hungary; Japan; Macedonia; Morocco; Romania; Serbia; Tunisia; Turkey.

If this is something you are interested in, let us tell you about the scholarship in more detail.

Who can apply for BEA scholarship Nigeria?

Unfortunately, not everyone can apply for the BEA scholarship. The scholarship for the undergrads is only available to people who meet the following requirements:

You must be from 18 to 20 years of age at the moment of application.Your senior school certificate must have at least five distinctions, and you must complete the WAEC examinations in the subjects relevant to your chosen course, including Mathematics and English.Your certificates cannot be older than 2 years.As you will be studying in a country, where English is not the main language, you will need to be prepared to take a mandatory one-year course in the foreign language of the country you are going to study in.

The scholarship is offered for all fields of study. Therefore, as long as you meet the main requirements, you can apply. Continue reading to learn how.

How to apply for BEA scholarship 2018

If you plan to apply for BEA scholarship this year, we have some bad news. You are about two months too late, as the deadline for applications closed on February 15, 2018. Nevertheless, you can still read up on how you can apply for it next year.

When the application portal opens again next year, here is what you should do:

Go to and find the BEA scholarship. As the application is now closed, the specific scholarship link does not work anymore.Carefully read the guidelines for the application and proceed to the application itself.Fill out the application form, check if everything is correct and print it.Take two copies of your filled application to an interview venue. This year, there were six of them across the country. We will have to wait and see how many there will be next year.

In addition to the application form, you will also need to take the following things to the interview:

2 copies of your educational certificates and testimonials from schools you have attended. The originals will be required for sighting.2 copies of your birth certificate.A certificate from your LGA/state with a date, sign and stamp.4 passport photographs (in colour) on a white background.If you are an undergraduate applicant, only one certificate will be accepted, i.e. WAEC of May/June.If you are a postgraduate applicant, you will need to submit your academic transcripts and NYSC exemption or discharge certificate.

There is no processing fee for this application, so be aware of fraudsters that ask for money for this application.

In case you are lucky enough to be nominated by the board, you will need to provide the following:

Copies of your academic certificates (authenticated);Data page of your International passport;Government hospital medical reports;In some cases, you might be asked to provide a Police Clearance Certificate.

And that is the whole application procedure. Now you know more about the BEA scholarship. In the meantime, while you are waiting for next year’s application, you can always consider other scholarships in Nigeria, which are still accepting applications.

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By Vivian Falae

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