The Type Of Good Woman He Deserves, Based On His Zodiac Sign

The stars know what type of woman will give him the kind of love he deserves.

We know all of us deserve and are worthy of love. Some people are more compatible with us than others, and some people we don’t click with at all. It can be challenging to find the right partner, and yet we try over and over again to find the one person who improves our lives while at the same time values what we add to their lives.

Romantic movies make it seem so easy and, in some ways, finding your soulmate is one of the most difficult things to do. There’s no hard and fast rules for finding the one. For some, the people who are best for them are just like them, while for others they need someone completely opposite of them for a happy relationship.

When you meet someone and everything falls into place, and you know you want to be with them forever, a kind of magic has happened.

Even if everything seems perfect on paper, a couple can still not work out and break up. They may still remain friends or try never to see each other again. The worst is when people continuously break up and get back together, and repeat this pattern over and over again.

Some couples try as hard as they can and refuse to give up on each other, drawing out the inevitable split. It can be tricky to recognize that it’s time to cut one’s relationship losses and move on . We don’t always choose the people who are best for us, and we repeat our mistake over and over again. Not all of us get our exact right partner the first time or even ever, but we continue to try.

Astrology can offer some insights on the types of people who are best for us. Here’s the type of woman he deserves, based on his zodiac sign .

Aries individuals are energetic , fearless and dynamic, and they need someone who not only can keep up with them but isn’t afraid to offer them new challenges. An Aries man deserves a woman who isn’t afraid to jump out of airplanes or confess her feelings. A confident woman doesn’t have to depend on a man to give her a great life, she can do it on her own.

Taurus is never happier than when he’s in a stable relationship where all his needs are met, and he deserves a woman who is warmhearted, loving and determined in her own right. Taurus can be stubborn, and he deserves a woman who will be just as invested in the relationship as he is.

Geminis are thought to have two distinct aspects to their personalities, but that’s not quite true. They’re are very versatile and adaptable, and can see things from many point of views. The Gemini man needs a woman who can go with the flow. This woman isn’t rigid and she doesn’t need things to be exactly the same every time. She’s not going to get pissed off if someone doesn’t agree with her.

Cancers are well-known for being all over the place with their emotions. Yes, they can be moody, but a compassionate woman is able to be there for the Cancer man and make him feel better. She’s in touch with her own emotions and knows the importance of expressing them to someone who understands.

Leos love to be the center of everyone’s world , and with their charm and charismatic personalities they usually are. But underneath all that bravado they can be insecure. Leos deserve a woman who is confident enough in herself that she can let someone else shine; someone who has a strong enough personality that she’s not lost in the crowd.

Virgos have a tendency to overanalyze and to take things way too seriously. A Virgo man deserves a woman who will help him (occasionally) see the lighter side of life and who will help him to loosen up. She’s the type who will take him away from whatever research he’s doing, and make him go dancing.

Libra men love to party , go out, and just be amazing, which is great if you’ve got zillions of dollars and never have to deal with reality. A Libra man needs the kind of woman who will always be there for him and will help him with the boring things that all adults have to do. If they go to Las Vegas, she’ll make sure he doesn’t gamble away his savings.

Scorpios can get really intense very quickly, and they have a tendency to get a little obsessed. It’s just because he’s so passionate about everything. A Scorpio man needs a woman who will balance out that intensity so the room doesn’t spontaneously combust. She equals out his intensity with lightness, humor, and a sense of the absurd.

Being tied down and boxed in are the absolute worst for a Sagittarius , which is why they’re always planning a trip, on a trip, or planning the next trip. A Sagittarius man deserves a woman who loves to travel but is also great being at home by herself. She’s someone who enjoys her own company, isn’t dependent on someone else for her happiness , and can give Sagittarius the thing he craves the most: freedom.

Capricorns love to work and make money. They’ve got their whole lives mapped out financially, and they need a woman who is pragmatic and just as interested in achieving her life goals as the Capricorn man. These two don’t take risks and are very careful — not only with their money but with their hearts as well.

Aquarius men aren’t just unorthodox and unique themselves, they seek out people who are just as off-beat as they are. The Aquarian man deserves a woman who can appreciate his uniqueness and not try to form him into some cookie-cutter business man type. She’ll love him for what a humanitarian he is and how he’s not like anybody else. They’ll share some interests, but both will have their own.

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