9 Photos That Were Taken Right at the Perfect Second

Every second, users around the world upload 2,226 photos to the Internet — but it’s rare that any of them are truly unique. Some pictures are highly artistic while others show us things that we would never see in our own lives. And sometimes there are photos that were taken at such a perfect time, they could never be replicated. See for yourself!

We collected 9 examples of photos where talented photographers were able to catch the most amazing moments at just the right second.

1. The rebellion of the mannequins.

2. Perfectly ‘Taylor Swift’-ed trucks.

3. A Catman.

4.“I eat whatever I want”.

5. The smokey head.

6. The magic of urban graffiti.

7. “May I use your earphones?”

8. Pondering…

9. Where reality ends and advertisements start.

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