Adidas won’t withdraw its ambassadorial allegiance to Kanye over slavery comments

The company is standing by West after his controversial comments on slavery. Kasper Rorsted, the brand’s chief executive, has repeatedly said that while he doesn’t support Mr. West’s comments, they are Mr. West’s comments, and though Adidas’s position on human rights was public and firm, he was not going to comment further. Rorsted equally acknowledged that Mr. West, along with other Adidas collaborators such as Pharrell Williams and Stella McCartney, was a big help in the brand’s comeback in the United States.

Analysts, among other people who expected havoc for Kanye, argue that Adidas is not withdrawing support because the slavery comments exactly, in addition to upsetting a large chunk of the consumer population, remains something that would become a debating point across the public conversation. Other reasonable opinions imply that Adidas must have expected this since controversy, speaking without a filter or any real forethought), has always been part of the Kanye West brand.

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