“What is the meaning of all this? Sister Nora coming to my house for what reason is that? I think this is temptation, because many leaders in the church are also victim of this. I have to pray seriously and I will surely overcome this temptation”. Brother Michael said.

One faithful evening after the evening church service, brother Michael was his way to church and there she met sister Nora standing right on a checkpoint, waiting for him….. “What do you want sister Nora?” he asked,
“Can’t you see how beautiful I am? Among all the ladies in the church, there’s none that is beautiful than me….

It isn’t a sin for you to be by my side. Please allow me”. she said.
“I should be by your side so I will be victim of fornication”. he asked “What is evil in that? Before, you were so concerned about me. You care and pray for me, but all of suddenly you started avoiding me, have the pastor instructed you not to come close to me? ” she asked…..

“….( deception) No!!!” brother Michael said….

“Just allow me, I’ve decided to live a good Christian life now so I believe you won’t avoid me anymore”. she said.

“If you can only change and amend your ways be faithful to God, I will be praying for you and as well be caring for you”. he replied….

“Alright, I promise to amend and to live a good lifestyle and also change my dressing pattern”. she said and brother Michael was happy and they were walking along the road to their home…..

In the middle of the night when brother Michael was sleeping, he has a dream and saw where sister Nora is threatening to defile seduce him but she actually succeeded in messing him up in the dream. He woke up and he was thinking what could be the cause.

See what happened in the next episode 3.

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