US citizens ‘pay most for Nigeria visas’

Nigeria levies some of its highest visa fees for American and Saudi Arabian citizens, according to the Abuja-based Daily Trust newspaper.

US nationals pay up to $270 (£200) for a single-entry visas while Saudi Arabians are expected to cough-up $441 (£326), according to a data obtained from the Nigerian Immigration Service by newspaper.

Malaysia, which is a popular destination for Nigerian students, is charged one of the lowest fees of approximately $6 (£4).

Here’s what a sample of countries are expected to pay, according to Daily Trust:

Saudi Arabia $441 (£326)

US $270 (£200)

Bangladesh $253 (£187)

India $253 (£187)

Indonesia $245 (£181)

Belize $200 (£148)

Chile $200 (£148)

Ireland $170 (£126)

Israel $169 (£125)

UAE $150 (£111)

United Kingdom $144 (£107)

South Africa $58 (£42)

China $64 (£47)

Malaysia $6 (£4).

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By Daily Trust


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