Kenya restaurant says breastfeeding mum ‘lied’

The Kenyan restaurant at the centre of a row over breastfeeding has hit back at claims its staff told a mother to nurse her baby in a toilet.

The Olive Hotel says CCTV it has of the incident disprove the mother’s allegations, according to the Star Newspaper.

According to the woman – known only as Betty – she was twice asked to stop breastfeeding after ordering her food at the Nairobi eatery. The second time, it was suggested she nurse the child in a toilet.

The experience, she later told the BBC, left her feeling humiliated.

But the restaurant says CCTV of “Betty” tells a different story.

According to the Star, it shows her laughing and smiling after chatting to one member of staff.

The newspaper says it is hard to tell exactly what happened, because the waiter’s back is to the camera.

However, she did not leave the restaurant until she had finished her meal and had a cup of hot water.

Restaurant management have asked for the woman to come forward and talk to them directly so they can get to the bottom of what happened.

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Star NewsPaper


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