Here are Facts About Meghan’s Ex That You Need to Know

The most anticipated and most talked about wedding of the year took place on Saturday 19th May between the Duke (Prince Harry) and the Duchess (Meghan) of Sussex. Meghan Markle, the bride of the day is a divorcee. She was married to one Trevor Engelson for two years.

Here are facts about Meghan’s ex that you need to know:

He is a film producer

Trevor Engelson is a film producer and has produced titles like the 9/11 film Remember Me, License to Wed, starring Robin Williams, and 2009’s All About Steve.

Most recently, he’s been taking on television projects such as the upcoming Heathers remake and Snowfall. It is insinuated that he is working on a divorce comedy film.

He is a few years older than Meghan

Unlike Prince Harry who is younger than Meghan, Trevor is a few years older than Meghan. The Film Producer was born in October 23 1976 in New York.

Dating Meghan

Trevor and Meghan met and started dating back in 2004. After being together for six years, the couple got engaged in 2010 and a wedding followed thereafter in September 10 2011 in Jamaica.

Their Wedding

The wedding that took place at the Jamaica Inn in Ocho Rios was a four-day affair marked by endless partying. The ceremony was officiated in the presence of 102 guests. The officiating was very brief and lasted only about 15 minutes before everyone hit the dance floor.

Their Divorce

The couple separated just two years after tying the knot citing irreconcilable differences. They divorced in August 2013.

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