Okorocha castrated, fighting ‘political values malnutrition’ – Obigwe

The national co-coordinator of APGA Media Warriors Forum, Evang Chinedu Obigwe, has taken a swipe at Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State, saying the Governor has been “politically castrated and currently suffering political values malnutrition”.

In a statement to newsmen, the APGA forum co-ordinator said the Imo State Governor is likely to drown in what he called “ocean of political confusion” which, according to him, the Governor is currently swimming in.

Obigwe said the prize of betrayal comes in many ways and that the political travails of Rochas Okorocha can be traced to his betrayal of APGA, the party that gave him political life in Nigeria.

He claimed Okorocha, before joining APGA, was “a political failure” that contested Presidential elections without going beyond the primary stages of his former party, but that he won his 1st election on the platform of APGA and ended up stabbing the party at the back.

According to him, “Okorocha is not only over-estimating his imagined political value but his insatiable greed for the acquisition of more political powers has beclouded his sense of reasoning and will nail his political coffin in Nigeria.”

Obigwe however said that APGA, as a political party, does not need Okorocha to return to its fold because “he will contaminate the party with his greed and political subjugation disease.”

The APGA chief however urged Okorocha to prepare his handover note, saying “unfolding events in Imo State is a clear proof of APGA’s foreseen and divinely ordained victory in the heartland of ‘Igbo’s State’ in the forthcoming February 2019 general election.”

He also faulted Governor Okorocha for using late Senator Olusola Saraki to justify what he described as the “his ill-advised and conceived decision to go to the Senate and also impose his Son in-law on Imolites as their Governor.”

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