Austrian selling second-hand clothes in Kenya

A 27-year-old Austrian has become an up-and-coming second-hand clothes mogul in Kenya, local newspaper The Standard reports.

Benjamin Gsell started his business in September 2017, six months after he arrived in the East African country.

Mr Gsell tells The Standard he worked in Dubai in a marketing role for five years and used $54,000 (£40,000) from his savings and some from a business partner to start the business.

He says he imports the clothes from the UK.

“I sell a bale at $40 and $187, depending on what’s inside, as well as sell some items on retail to boost profits,” he is quoted as saying.

He says he is not worried about threats to ban the importation of second-hand clothes saying the government has been talking about it for years.


2 thoughts on “Austrian selling second-hand clothes in Kenya”

    1. You can do it because is very easy once you have your own money… Many Igbo’s are in this business but they do travel to China to buy those goods and return to Nigeria and sell it after there second to 3rd trip to China see them building mentions in Nigeria and abroad… So you too can do the same.. Believe in your self..


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