Cholera spreads across Nigeria

Nigeria’s north-eastern states are in the midst of recurrent cholera outbreaks, with more than 1,000 suspected cholera cases and 31 deaths recorded since February.

Borno, Yobe and Adamawa currently having active outbreaks, with the number of cases increasing rapidly in recent days.

In Adamawa State, a total of 482 cases, including 13 deaths, have been reported so far.

The cholera outbreak in Yobe State started at the end of March, with a total of 404 suspected cases, including 15 deaths reported as of 21 May.

In Borno State however, the cholera outbreak started on February 13, with a total of 19 suspected cases been reported as at May 20, all coming from Kukawa area.

Dr Chikwe Ihekweazu, chief executive of the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control, said in a statement the recent increase in cases is down to the rainy season.

However, earlier this month the United Nations, through the Nigeria Humanitarian Fund, allocated US$2 million to support the response to the deadly cholera outbreak in north-east Nigeria, which could affect thousands of people.

Source: Nigeria Central For Disease Control (NCDC).


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