The ‘Hand Of God’ Spotted Handing Down From The Sky In Amazing Cloud Formation (PHOTOS)

An amateur photographer captured a stunning photo of a cloud formation that looks like the hand of God reach down to earth.
30-year old Louise Taylor took the spectacular photos on her iPhone after spotting the bizarre formation while out in the Highlands of Scotland.
Louise, from Kinlochewe in the north west Highands, was in near Tore as she travelled to Dingwall in 2016 when she saw the remarkable sight and instantly whipped out her mobile phone.
She said:

The photos were taken on an iPhone while travelling. It formed before a major wind storm hit Scotland.
It’s a form of twisted lenticular cloud. The oddest cloud I’ve ever seen that’s for sure. Being in the weather photography game for a while, I know people prefer the strange and let’s say ‘religious’ meaning of clouds rather than what they actually are. I’m fantasising about a big hand coming down scooping billions of midges up.
After posting one of the pictures online, the celestial vision has sparked a slew of comments online.
Ana Maria Cerrudo said: Looks like an arm coming down with a hand, palm up .
Andy Houliston wrote: The Scottish version of a fist full of dollars. A handful of clouds.

Source: The Sun UK


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