What will you say if an interviewer says “You have 10 minutes to impress me”?


Interviewer : You have 10 Minutes to impress me. and your time starts now.

Me: OK this 10 minutes would be all mine and I will also be eligible to question you.

Interviewer : OK

Me : I would like to tell you a story.. not 1 a couple to be precise.

Me : (Starts the story) There was a village on one side of a mountain and it did not have enough water. The other side of the mountain had enough water and the villagers used to climb the mountain, and get to the other side collect water and go back.

One such summer, the drought was so high and many died..The next summer was more painful and all the villagers decided to move on from there and stay aside the river.. While passing, an old man whose only son and wife died in the previous drought was already struggling to survive..He along with his daughter in law was passing the mountain and suddenly crumbled in thirst. Out of helplessness, his Daughter In law panicked and look around for a drop of water. When she found nothing, she breastfed him.. Seeing this came few villagers who were passing and everybody misunderstood that relation and out of anger and filthy feeling, they were beaten to death.. They did not even think once about how long the villagers knew this family nor they nobility of that family…. On her last breath did she say the truth and died.

Villagers out of guilt and sympathy did not know what to do…

SO, “Eyes which is the main informer to the brain that lets to think,imagine and decide can cheat your brain thoughts and decisions”

I used my 5 mins to complete this story….

ME : I would like to say another story since i have not consumed my full time..

Next story is about a King who had blind faith on the subjects of his country.. He always bragged about the faith they had in him and that they can understand him even without uttering a word or with the least words. His wise Minister wanted to break this and let the King realize about the importance of Communication. He challenged the King to which the Kind accepted it without second thought. The challenge was

“the King had to stay still like a statue on the top of the watch tower and will have to remain statue till the minister says relax.” King agreed and stood still..

Day 1 all people who gathered praised his will power and strength.

Day 2 Few started questioning about it

Day 3 Few started raising voice and question about it.

Day 4 Minister who was on the top of the watch tower along with the King in loud voice Yell “ You King is mentally Strong”…… and the people gathered on heard that the King is mental…. and thought the King has gone Mad

Day 5 Minister yelled again at the top of his voice that “You king is Dead Strong” and the people gathered there only heard that the King is Dead “. Hearing this there was a chaos and the people of that country panicked and there was a huge chaos until the minster said “relax to the King” and he moved.

SO, “Ears which is the second main informer to the brain that lets to think,imagine and decide can cheat your brain thoughts and decisions”

So I think this 10 minutes will never be enough for you to take a decision on a person’s caliber, ability and credibility…..

The wise is the one who relies both on Heart and Brain and not only on one.

You can certainly decide upon my qualification, Experience and this 10 minute experience with me.

Thank You

Thanks( If Read)

Matter of Fact !!

By High Sparrow

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