Pray for what you
want first, before you

Say “I believe it will
come true”. 3 times.

Then be silent, believe
in God.

: Let me pray 4 u.

(1) You will find favor
with someone you
don’t expect,………

(2) You will be too
relevant to be ignored,

(3) You will encounter
GOD and will never
remain the same,……..

(4) The grace for
completion will come
on you, you shall be
blessed till the
blessed call you

(5) The hand that will
send this message to
others shall not labor
in vain,………Amen.

(6) The mouth saying
”Amen” to this prayer
shall laugh forever,…..

Very soon and I say
Very Very soon, GOD
is going to do a
miracle and lift u up 4

Here is a test: if you
love God and you’re
not ashamed of Him,
send this to fourteen
people u love most
and watch what He
does for you today
including me if u love

As SOON as you get
five replies, someone
you love will quietly
surprise you“`

+1 (718) 864‑9213:

By Ogbonnaya


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