10 Budget Wedding Tips

Learn how to save on your wedding through these budget wedding tips:

1. Invitations

If you want to save some cash on your wedding invitations, make it less bulky. The bulkier and heavier the invitation is, the more costly the shipping gets. And though you want your wedding invitations to stand out with boxes, extra ribbons and other stuff, you must ask yourself if the extra cost is worth it.

Settle with one or two colors for your wedding invitations. This will help you establish your color motif while saving on the extra cost of having more than two colors on your wedding invitation. Simple and elegant designs can go a long way.

Think over the wedding details you need to put in your wedding invitations. Do they really need a map to the church and your reception venue? With new technology, you can have a free wedding website where guests can check the specific details of your wedding. The less number of pages on your invitation, the less expensive it will be for you and your partner.

2. Color Motif

White is the most common color for weddings and it can also be a color that can save you some cash on your wedding day. Reception venues will always have white linen and draping available (and free) with their wedding package. They may charge you extra for special requests if you have other more complicated color themes that they have to incorporate for your wedding styling.

Even inexpensive flowers look simple and elegant in white. White carnations can be turned into beautiful creations for centerpieces, bridal bouquets and other wedding décor. White candles placed in candle holders can also be a cheap addition to the ambiance of your reception tables.

3. Flowers

Choose flowers that are local and are in season on your wedding day. Transporting imported flowers and flowers out of season are more expensive.

Use flowers sparingly. The bridesmaid bouquets and groomsmen boutonnieres don’t need to be as elaborate as the bride’s. You can also use greens instead of flowers in your reception décor and bouquets. Some brides even use rose cacti on their centerpieces and bouquets.

4. Desserts

Instead of having a full blown dessert table with a variety of choices, you can double your desserts as favors. Guests can opt to eat them during the reception, or bring them home.

5. Fireworks

We agree that fireworks in a wedding is truly romantic and pretty in pictures. If you want to have the same but don’t want to spend as much, you can use sparklers. Have the bridesmaids and groomsmen light up sparklers around you for that picture perfect moment as you enter the evening reception.

6. Wedding Theme

Choose a wedding theme that does not have to be elaborate. A minimalist black and white wedding is simple but elegant. You can save up on centerpieces by placing a single flower on elegant vases or even empty wine bottles. A minimalist wedding gown can be partnered with a not-so-elaborate bouquet as well.

7. Reception Venue

If you want to have an outdoor wedding but can’t afford garden venues for rent, you can ask friends and family who have big gardens/backyards that can accommodate your number of guests. You can also consider renting local public parks or parks within your village. These venues can give you the same ambience for a lower price.

Watch out for promos from garden wedding venues. You might get lucky and find one that can fit your budget.

8. Wedding Program

Have your friends help you with your wedding program. They may have unique ideas and suggestions that they can execute for you on your wedding day. Plan with them so you’ll have a team ready to take over the reception. All you need to give in return are a lot of thanks and a nice gift.

9. Wedding Gown

Like it or not, you or your bride will only wear the wedding gown once. Twice, if you decide to remarry (and you will still fit). Ask yourself, do you really need an expensive fashion designer for a gown you will only wear once? If you really want to save, you can find gowns for rent at malls or even online.

Another way to save on your wedding gown is to find cheaper alternatives at the department store. It’s not one of a kind but if you find one that suits your design tastes, then why not?

10. Catering

If you don’t want to maximize your budget for the wedding feast, choose a buffet style catering. This type of catering is less expensive as there are less waiters and time needed to distribute the food. Some guests prefer this style because they can choose the kind and amount of food they put on their plates. If you want to save some money on food but not skimp on the quantity and quality of food, then go buffet style.

Before planning for your wedding, have a splurge and save list. Know what wedding items are negotiable and non-negotiable with your budget. If you’ve always dreamed of a designer wedding gown, then go ahead and just save on other aspects of your wedding. What’s important is that you are happy and your wedding will be complete.

By High Sparrow

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