12 Photos That Can Easily Trick Your Eyes

They say that seeing is believing. But what if we said that this isn’t always true? The following photo compilation displays how easy it is for our brains to trick us.

We collected 25 photos that you’ll want to look at twice…or maybe more.

1. Who is holding whom?

2. There are centaurs among us…

3. Whoo! It seems that gravity has changed…

4. Zach Braff and Dax Shepard have “face swapped”. Has anything changed?

5. This window looks more like a picture hanging on the wall.

6. And this painting looks like a real tank with a real fish.

7. This football stadium looks more like a departing UFO.

8. A grasshopper landed on the windshield and it looks as if giant insects decided to take over our planet.

9. This tanker looks like it’s being hung in the air.

10. It’s not a flower bed but rather, a cemetery of bicycles.

11. Glass sharpened by the sea looks like a handful of candies.

12. This tree looks like a ballerina froze during her dance.

Our world will never be the same again! Have you ever encountered a view that made you scratch your head and look at it twice? Please share your photos and stories in the comments!

By High Sparrow

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