Hi Damsels!

When you are testing the fashion waters, it could be kinda tricky. This causes many women to panic, but rather than panic, it is best to first pull apart your closet, and splurge on a brand-new ensemble. It has been said that actions speak louder than words. Rather than keep saying “I will” endlessly, simply key into getting a particular task done quickly, as procrastination has been known to be the thief of time.

On the other hand, you may have had that unexpected August visitor in house this time, and then you are required to quickly pull off a beautiful outfit either to hang out with him or her, or you just feel like nailing it real good on the street this time. In all, you should try leaving anxiety or panic out of this, as it will definitely ensure that you look your best on the street. Well, call it street style , or casual outfit, the fact still remains that you’ll turn heads as you walk. This is why you have your favourite fashion bloggers who inspire you on a quick fix online; outfit inspiration. If you are seeking something creative for the streets, there are a few ideas ahead, helping you nail the distinct style from conservative to slightly trendy, that comes with each industry. Here are the killer outfits plus-size beauties can rock on the street;

1. Monochrome gown:

Monochrome gown

2. Pencil skirt + top:

Pencil Skirt

3. Off-the-shoulder gown:

Off-the-shoulder gown

4. Flare gown:

Flare gown

5. Knitted jacket + bodycon gown:

Knitted jacket

6. Bodycon dress:

Bodycon dress

7. Coat + pencil skirt and camisole:


As it has always been with that very stylish chic, heads will turn when you step out. Rock your killer outfits proudly now!

By Abiriga John Angwe

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