Macron: Africa migrant centres may be a pull factor

French President Emmanuel Macron has told the BBC that the European Union’s plan to create migrant-processing centres in North Africa will not work, unless the process is spearheaded by those countries.

Interviewed during his visit to Lagos, he conceded that Europe would be dealing with the issue of migration from Africa for decades.

He believes that collaboration with African countries will be essential to finding a solution to the problem of migrants dying on their way to Europe.

In June, the EU said it would offer incentives to North African countries to set up migrant centres.

However, the French leader said many African countries were worried about creating a pull factor for migrants if these centres were set up:

” It can fly if some African governments decide to organise it.

In terms of migration for me the top priority is not for all people to take crazy risks to join Europe.

That’s why I do believe we have to work with border states on Mediterranean Sea on the south side.”

But no African country has so far agreed to host the centres.


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