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Breaking!!! Train collides with commercial bus in Lagos

A fatal accident involving a bus and a train occurred at Old Abeokuta Road by Odejobi junction on Friday.

According to the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority Twitter handle, the accident occurred on Friday morning. The number of casualties wasn’t stated, except that it hindered the flow of traffic at that end of town.

As of the time of filing this report, the traffic management agency has revealed that the scene of the “fatal train-bus accident has been fully recovered. Our officers are currently flushing the heavy traffic trail it has left behind.”

By Adedotun


​So Sad, Members of NANS involved in bus crash, many hospitalised

Members of the National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS have been involved in a ghastly bus crash, leaving many hospitalised.

The students of the Petroleum Training Institute, Delta State, were reportedly on their way from Gombe State where they were attending an inconclusive NANS convention when the accident occurred.

The accident took place yesterday, July 19, 2016, as they have now been rushed to a General Hospital in Auchi, Edo State.

There have been no news of any fatalities as we pray and hope that it remains so.

​Another Sad Song, Peace Mass Transport company bus involved in fatal accident again

Another fatal accident involving a Peace Mass Transport Company bus has claimed the lives of many passengers on board.

Another ghastly accident involving a commercial bus belonging to the Peace Mass Transport Company, with serious casualties, » has been recorded, where no single passenger survived.

According to reports, the bus with 19 passengers on board, was travelling from Enugu to Bayelsa State when it was involved in a head-on collision with a truck along the Emezi Road at Okogbe town, leaving all the passengers and the driver, including a baby, dead on the spot.

Eyewitnesses say that shortly after the accident, some unknown men drove to the scene of the crash » and tried to clean the name of the bus but hurriedly left when people started to gather.

In the past two months, vehicles belonging to the company have been involved in fatal accidents ahich has claimed the lives of Nigerians including one that happened on Sunday, May 22, along Umuahia-Okigwe road, when a Peace Mass Transit Limited owned commercial bus collided with a utility truck used for conveying of goods, killing 13 passengers on board.

Scene of the fatal accident

Is it not time government places a ban on this company?

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Autocrash, 4 persons die in another fatal crash in Kaduna


The driver of the Honda Accord enroute Kaduna from Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, was moving on a very high speed. He lost control of the vehicle while trying to avoid a ditch.

Another car crash which occurred on Thursday, June 23, 2016, has claimed the lives of four persons around the state’s toll gate.
According to the Daily Post , the deceased were travelling from Abuja to the state, in a Honda Accord vehicle.
The driver of the vehicle was travelling at full speed, and lost control of the car, upon encountering a ditch.

In an attempt to avoid the ditch, he ran into two parked vehicles, a car and a motorcycle often referred to as Okada.
Futile attempts were made to save the victims, who were reported to have died upon impact.

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Source: Pulse

Tragedy, 4 persons die in nasty accident on Lagos-Ibadan expressway


Apart from the four deceased persons, nine other people were reportedly injured from the fatal accident, which left the vehicle in ruins.

Four persons have been reported dead, while nine were injured in ghastly motor accident on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway, on Thursday, June 23, 2016.
The unfortunate happened as a driver of a truck, who was at top speed, ran into a bus, after losing control.
According to Bode, who is a witness at the scene, the truck somersaulted three times before running off the road.
“Both vehicles were going inward the Toll gate area. The truck driver was, however, at full speed when he lost control. While trying to manoeuvre, he hit the bus from the back. The vehicle was mangled.
“The collision made the truck somersault three times. It moved to another lane, but no vehicle was approaching; that minimised the damage. It came to a stop after hitting a tree.”

The accident received attention from the following agencies, Lagos State Emergency Management Agency, Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, Lagos State Ambulance Services, Federal Road Safety Corps, Nigeria Police Force, State Environmental Health Monitoring Unit and the Lagos State Fire Service, Punch reports.
The corpses were taken away by the officers of the State Environmental Health Monitoring Unit (SEHMU).

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Source: Pulse

The Result Of Walking On The Road Using Earpiece (photos)


This is Warning for those who do use Earpiece while walking on the #Express, #road and #street This accident happened in Eupi-Otukpo, Benue State. According to eye witnesses, the young man got carried away listening to music while walking on the expressway which made him not to spot the oncoming vehicle. I only wish everyone will learn.

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Source: facebook/Abu Bello

4-year-old boy whose skull separated from his spine miraculously survives without surgery (photos)


4 year old boy Killian Gonzalez, miraculously survived after he was internally decapitated in a car accident and wouldn’t have made it without the help of a good Samaritan, who held his head perfectly still until paramedics arrived.
When someone is internally decapitated, their head is essentially just holding on by a thread – his skull basically separated from his spine. Less than one percent survive the injury. Those who do, need extensive surgery and wear a halo brace. This child, miraculously, didn’t have to undergo any of that


Killian and his mother, Brandy Gonzalez, were traveling to Nevada after celebrating Killian’s birthday when their car skid off the road due to ice, causing them to crash.
A Nampa police officer and his wife Leah Woodward were coming down the hill and saw the crash unfold in front of them. Leah Woodward quickly got out of the car to see if there were any survivors. That’s when she heard a little boy screaming from the car.
She was unable to get into the car because of locked doors, she then took a hitch and smashed out the back window of the vehicle.
With a little guidance from her husband, Leah sat up the lifeless 4-year-old boy and held his C-Spine.
She held his head straight for over half an hour. A move that likely saved his life.
Killian ruptured his spleen, broke his arm and multiple ribs. But the worst injury he suffered from was clinical decapitation. A rare condition where his skull separated from his spine.


Most people don’t even survive, but Killian is expected to make a full recovery. He’s eating, walking, and even sitting up by himself. All without surgery.
The boy and his mum are now getting better and recovering. Thank God!

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Source: KBOITV