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True or false

What makes life sweet and beautiful if not Love and Money?…


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Your Kids Will Thank You For Your Family Rituals: 4 Reasons Why

You don’t think to appreciate them, but family rituals are so important!

A family ritual is any activity that a family engages in periodically, is symbolic for everyone involved and is valued by each member so that they wish to continue it in the future. One of the most important pieces of parenting advice you can follow is to remember the importance of family rituals!

Rituals can be cultural or religious, but do not necessarily have to be. They can be done every day, every month, every year or at specific times of life.

There are three broad categories of rituals:

Celebrations. Examples of family celebrations include weddings , funerals or holidays such as Diwali or Eid. Traditions. Family traditions include any activities that are more specific to the family itself, including places to visit during the summer, birthday customs or specific types of food or music that the family members enjoy together. Routines. Finally, family routines are on an even smaller scale and involve family behaviors on a more frequent basis, such as seat assignments at the dinner table, bedtimes, discipline and modes of communication.

Most people don’t recognize how many family rituals they grow up with. People realize the value of the ritual in their life when they are no longer able to participate; for example, when they move to college or get married and have to create their own family rituals.

Family rituals can have very positive and strong functions for the development of the family and the individual family members.

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God is Good!


God is good for making me to get to this level in Ikem Daniel Blog Just in few months!… Visit thanks for you guys that Almighty God use in making me to get to this level I am! So much thanks to you guys! Benjamin Godson, Gloria Barner, Ikem Samuel Danuel etc may Almighty God bless you guys for me! One Love!

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This Sunday March 27th – The Famous Abuja’s Splash Pool Party is Here Again! And you are Invited


This coming Sunday March 27th we will
redefine the word “party” at the Nippon Grand
Hotel . Let’s have a day in the sun, a quick dip
and a splashing good time.
Activities: Pool Volleyball, Ping Pong, Beer
Pong, Twister, Spin the bottle, Disco Tent, Wet
T-Shirt Contest, Fusbol, Dancing, Dive Dares &
Lots more.
Venue: Nippon Grand Hotel, Plot 102 Ahmadu
Bello Way, Opp Next Cash & Carry, Jahi Abuja.
Time: 2pm till dawn
Date: Sunday 27th March, 2016
For enquirers Whatsapp 07055987305
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