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Algerian rock singer Rachid Taha dies

Algerian singer Rachid Taha has died of a heart attack at the age of 59 at his home in Paris, French media reports.

His music was a unique mix of Algerian Maghreb “rai” rhythms and electronic rock – and he made it big in the 1980s in France.

He was born in the Algerian city of Oran and moved to France aged 10.

He saw himself as a “permanent immigrant” in France, a BBC Radio 3 article about the singer says.

He was the lead singer of Carte de Séjour, a French rock band popular in the 1980s.

“For me, music is rock & roll, coloured by what is inside me and what is outside me. My music enables me to express my multiple identities,” Taha said in 2004.

According to his official Facebook page, he was due to give a performance in Lyon later this month with one of long-time collaborators Steve Hillage.

Eclectic in his tastes, he pushed boundaries with his own music as well as doing covers such as an Arabic version of The Clash’s Rock the Casbah.

Taha’s fans have been paying tribute to him on Twitter, including Moroccan musician Reda Allali who remembered him as flamboyant and genuine:


This is Why I Hate Chris Brown And His Jokes

I hate that people are still making jokes about Chris Brown and Rihanna. I hate that I have to pretend to laugh at them and I hate that I don’t have the balls to slap them and tell them to shut the fuck up. Whenever I hear an ignorant joke or comment about the couple, I hate that I can’t tell them my story and make them understand what they are joking about.

I first met Tom when I was 15. I was young and stupid, and thought that it was love at first sight. I had a boyfriend at the time, but Tom and I texted each other innocently until I eventually broke up with my boyfriend. A few months later, Tom asked me to be his girlfriend and I was the happiest girl in the world.

The first two weeks of our relationship were a whirlwind. I had never felt so loved, so wanted, so needed. We shared all of our deepest secrets, he confided in me about his abusive mother and I told him all of my hopes, dreams and insecurities. He thought I was perfect and I knew that we were in love. One night, he was driving me home and one of the speakers in his car stopped working. This was the first time he hit me, and the moment when I lost everything I knew about myself. At first he punched my arm and I thought he was just being playful, so I giggled until he hit me again and pushed my head into the side of his car. “Don’t fucking laugh at me. Fucking cunt.” I was in shock. I wasn’t even upset, I was just numb. I had never felt such violent hatred, let alone from somebody who was supposed to love me, somebody who I loved so deeply. We sat in silence for the rest of the drive until we were at my house — he kissed me goodbye and told me he’d see me soon.

I couldn’t sleep that night. I sat in bed repeating the moment over and over again. What had I done that made him so mad? He kissed me goodbye so he must not be mad anymore, right? I made hundreds of excuses for him. He had grown up with an abusive mother, so somehow I decided this made his actions justifiable. That day was the just the beginning of a horrifyingly abusive relationship. I spent every day for the next year trying to be whatever he wanted me to be. We could spend hours of happiness together until something flipped a switch in his head and he went from a beautiful, loving man to an angry, violent monster. I had no idea who I was anymore – my identity revolved around being Tom’s girlfriend.

Tom was both emotionally and physically abusive. He convinced me that I was disgusting, that nobody would ever love me and I was lucky that he would even look at me. He convinced me that my family hated me and since I believed this, it became true as I intentionally strained my relationship with them. He had another girlfriend, but somehow he convinced me that I was the most important and that she didn’t matter. He would make me stand in the bathroom with him while he showered because I was a “whore” and he couldn’t trust me to be alone with his friends. He forced me to prove my love to him through sex. If I didn’t, he would claim that I was cheating on him and would describe in detail how he would make me watch as he killed whoever I was sleeping with and then would kill me after. Throughout all of this, I wasn’t scared or sad, I was completely numb. My emotions didn’t matter anymore all that mattered was making Tom happy. When Tom was happy, he loved me and when Tom loved me, I was happy.

One day, I was with Tom, his friend, my sister, and my best friend. Tom wanted me to go upstairs and grab him a glass of water. He was in a good mood so I laughed and said no way get it yourself. I saw the switch, something that I had become so accustomed to but that nobody else recognized. He held me down in front of everybody and dick slapped me on my face. My sister and my best friend watched and did NOTHING. Looking back, I’m sure they thought it was a joke, but I was humiliated and disgusted. This moment solidified the fact that my family/friends didn’t care about me and that I was on my own — except for Tom.

I convinced myself that I couldn’t break up with him because I was scared for my physical safety, but this was the least of my worries. I had been told so many times that I was a worthless piece of shit from somebody that I cared so deeply about that I truly believed it and I truly believed that he was the only person in the world who would ever care about me.

When I finally decided to break up with him, we had been at his friend’s apartment and he had just gotten off the phone with his other girlfriend. I told him that I was leaving and that I couldn’t do this anymore. Again, I saw the switch turn and he became the monster again. He slapped me, grabbed my hair, dragged me out in the living room and proceeded to beat me and rape me in front of five of his closest friends. Nobody even tried to stop him. At this point, I had fully accepted and welcomed the thought of dying. I thought that he was going to kill me in that living room and I was looking forward to it. Instead, he pulled me up and drove me home. I wish I had been brave enough to tell somebody and to go to the police, but at the time, I fully believed that this was my fault and was too humiliated to tell anybody.

After we broke up, he called and texted me every single day for four months. It was a constant reminder of what had happened to me. The messages ranged from telling me how much he loved and missed me, to calling me the disgusting whore that he had always known I was, to threatening to kill me. Eventually I made up an excuse to tell my parents why I wanted to change my number, but he found it less than a month later.

I began to hate my family and my friends for not helping me through this. Even though I had never told them, I blamed them for not realizing that something was wrong. I hated everything – especially myself. Every time I would look in the mirror I would either cry or become infuriated with how disgusting I was. I couldn’t be alone in a room with a man for almost six months. The first time I had sex with somebody after the incident, I had a complete emotional breakdown and almost killed myself. I decided to move because I couldn’t go anywhere without being terrified that I would run into him or his friends.

It’s been six years and I still have nightmares about him every night. I still hate cuddling because sometimes the thought of somebody touching me literally makes me want to vomit. I haven’t been able to have a normal relationship because I’m incapable of explaining what I have been through. How can I explain to a boyfriend that sometimes when we have sex, I feel like I’m being raped all over again? That I can’t sleep in the same bed as him because I wake up horrified from my nightmares? That I can’t fight with him because if he starts to yell I revert to the numb, speechless girl that I was with Tom?

So no, Chris Brown jokes don’t make me mad. The jokes make me so sad because people don’t even realize what they are joking about. They have no idea how one violent moment can change you from a happy, loving teenager to an empty shell of a human. It took a wonderful friend to hold my hand and help me recover from this relationship. I honestly believe that I owe him my life. I have only told this story to four people – and even when I do I can’t make the right words come out of my mouth to make them fully comprehend what I went through.

If I hadn’t heard so many jokes about abuse and hadn’t heard so many people ask “well what did she do to deserve it?”, I like to think that I could have come forward with my story a long time ago. Tom is now in prison for almost killing another girl. I blame myself everyday for not putting him in prison sooner. I could have saved this girl the pain and horror, but I was a coward. I’m thrilled that conversations about rape have begun to turn away from victim blaming, but now it’s time to do the same with abuse. Please, no more Chris Brown jokes.

By Nanette Oiboh

“I Deserve It” Lola Omotayo Reveals Why Her Husband, Peter Okoye Bought Her A Range Rover

Lola Omotayo-Okoye got a special gift from her celebrity husband, Peter Okoye A.K.A Mr P, a Range Rover 2016 SUV at their house in Park View Lagos.

Lola was away at work got a surprise call from her husband who told her to rush home because he had a special gift to present to her.

Hurriedly, Lola Omotayo-Okoye got home to a waiting crowd of celebrities, family and friends who cheered on as she got the keys to the brand new ride from her husband.

Speaking to Wotzup ONTV, Lola who struggled to catch her breathe revealed how excited she felt receiving the Range Rover gift from her husband, Mr P.

”Well, I’m really… I’m super excited. I can’t really even… I’m really shy, so don’t take my shyness for not being surprised. I’m surprised and really, really excited. I can’t believe it,” Lola Omotayo-Okoye said.

When asked about what could have motivated her husband to carry out this wonderful gesture, Lola emphatically said:

”All my hard work na, all these years. I deserve it (laughs happily).”

She later appreciated her husband with some lovely words and a special kiss in the full glare of family and friends who were excitedly cheering them on.

”Peter, I love you every, very much. I’m so, so grateful for this… I’m shocked. Thank you so much, I really appreciate this,” she said.

#YouthDay: At 26, Thuso Mbedu is one of Africa’s most influential millenials

In 2014, with just R500 in her purse, a suitcase filled with clothes and no real plan, Thuso Mbedu hopped on a bus and made her way to Johannesburg.

Mbedu was determined to make a career in the entertainment industry, because she believed that God had given her a craft which she had to share with the world. And now she has.

Last year, Mbedu was nominated for an International Emmy Award for her role as Winnie, in the first season on Is’Thunzi– Damaged But Not Broken , a teen drama series on Mzansi Magic. Although she did not win, just the mere fact of being nominated was enough to pave the way for her stardom.

This week, the actress took the number one spot on the 2018 Forbes Africa Under 30 List, ahead of local rapper Cassper Nyovest and fashion designer Orapeleng Modutle.

Actress Nomzamo Mbatha took fourth spot while musician Kwesta wraps up the top five.

Mbedu was also cast as a principal member on SABC1’s Generations: The Legacy this year.

On Is’Thunzi– Damaged But Not Broken , Mbedu’s character, Winnie is a streetwise, ambitious go-getter who has her heart set on marrying a rich and famous rugby player, but her fantasy turns out to be a lot more challenging to achieve than she imagined when she gets exiled to live with her strict aunt in Bergville, KZN.

“I really took a leap of faith when I got to Johannesburg. There was no plan, but I knew I needed to survive and I needed to do anything and everything it took to find work in the industry. For a while I squatted with friends. Then I auditioned for Saints and Sinners, I went into that audition as if it was a do or die moment. And it paid off,” said Mbedu.

The actress said after her role in Saints and Sinners , work went quiet again and she was very discouraged.

“The industry is so unstable for artists these days. There was no work coming my way and what was more discouraging was that agencies didn’t want me to sign up because I didn’t have enough experience, but how was I do get the experience if they didn’t give me a chance,” she said.

Eventually, after a rough six months, Mbedu got another audition, little did she know, this one would earn her the International Emmy nomination.

“I was down for the longest time and my sister was helping me pay my rent. I wasn’t meeting my bills and eventually had to apply for a loan at the bank, so when I auditioned for Is’Thunzi I did so like it was my last audition ever. And it paid off. I finally had work again,” she said.

While Mbedu said she loved her time on Is’Thunzi and owed the nomination to the cast and crew. She wishes she could play roles that are closer to her age.

“The oldest character I played was 21-year old. And It’s not that I don’t enjoy playing these roles, but the industry recycles storytelling for school kids or teenagers, and I want to experience a more authentic and mature storyline now. Mature roles are 3D characters and are more complex, so want to extend myself more,” said the actress.

Her favourite role to play, if she was given the opportunity, would be a villain. Mbedu said she is intrigued by the psychological work behind the character that takes viewers on a journey.

Aside from her onscreen work, Mbedu has been working on her own scripts with award winning director and scriptwriter, Amanda Lane as her mentor.

“In university I was exposed to a lot of American shows via streaming and I enjoyed watching these shows. And I would always hear people around me say that they don’t watch local TV because most of the stories are recycled and not inspiring. So I got to a point where I wanted that to change so instead of complaining about local TV I decided to start writing scripts,” she said.

Currently she is working on a crime action series which she showcases women taking control of their own destiny.

“What I learned through this journey of writing is that South African men are still very uncomfortable with heroin leads in storytelling, and so I would like to change this – I had no male figure in my life to take care of me, and I made it through. I want to empower women,” said Mbedu.

“The second story I’m working on is a romantic drama which is also led by a women and shows were my state of mind is at this point after the death of my granny. The other is an action film but that needs a big budget, so that’s on hold for now,”she said.

By Akua

TOP 8 Nigerian celebrities with the most expensive houses

Hey Divas,

Your house is basically your home, so how much is too much? It should be a place of comfort and luxury, so you deserve all you can afford. These Nigerian celebrities know this as a fact and they invested so much in it. We have a couple of Nigerian celebrities with the most expensive houses, they have it because their jobs have paid off for them.

These are the top 8 Nigerian celebrities with the most expensive houses;


P-Square are a Nigerian R&B duo of identical twin brothers Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye. They are known to be one of the most successful African artistes as their popularity has gone beyond the shore of Nigerian industry. They have done collaboration with international artistes as well. They have houses both home and abroad worth millions of naira.

Tuface Idibia:

Innocent Idibia better known by his stage name 2face Idibia, or 2Baba, is a Nigerian singer-songwriter, record producer and entrepreneur. He officially discontinued the use of the name Tuface. He completed his mansion worth about 400 million naira.

Don’t Jazzy:

Don jazzy is a Nigerian record producer, singer-songwriter and musician made a name for himself through music; he has a mansion worth over 150 million naira.

Linda Ikeji:

Linda Ikeji is a Nigerian news carrier, blogger, writer, entrepreneur and former model. She is best known for her blog. She is the highest paid blogger in Nigeria. To show that blogging has paid off for her, she bought a house worth about 500 million naira in Banana Island.

Genevieve Nnaji:

Genevieve Nnaji is a Nigerian actress and singer, who has featured in many movies and have won several awards as a result. She was reported to have bought a mansion in Ghana worth $4 million not to talk of the properties she has in Nigeria.

Tunde and Wunmi Obe:

Tunde and Wunmi Obe, professionally known as T.W.O (Tunde, Wunmi Obe) are Nigerian show business couple, entertainers, television personalities and entrepreneur. Couple with the fact that they are a big name in the entertainment industry in Nigeria, they own a big mansion worth about 400 million naira in Lekki.


Kingsley Chinweike Okonkwo, better known as Kcee and sometimes stylishly as KCee, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. He was formerly in a group called Kc Presh before he left after deciding to pursue his music career alone. He has a house that he calls a five star mansion and it is a five star mansion, for real!.


Davido is an American-born Nigerian recording artist, performer and record producer also known as omo baba olowo, he has so many songs to his credit. He has a mansion worth 140 million naira……

Apart from the fact that your home is a reflection of your success, it should a place you’d always want to come back to, so spoil yourself and make your home as comfortable as it can be.

By Phiri Philip busyman

Diamond Platnumz ‘briefly detained’

Tanzania’s top music star Diamond Platnumz was only held briefly by authorities over what they allege were “obscene” videos he allegedly posted on social media, news agency Reuters reports.

The 28-year-old singer whose birth name is Nassib Abdul was arrested on Monday.

Another artist, 26-year-old Faustina Charles who is popularly known as Nandy, was also released after being detained.

She was also accused of “indecency” for a video that was shared on WhatsApp.

A government minister has said that the two musicians are likely to face criminal charges.

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​I am going to move to Atlanta once i am done with my jail time – Meek Mill

Meek Mill is currently locked up in his hometown for violating probation and is scheduled to serve 2-4 years.
In an interview with Rolling Stone, The MMG rapper shared his plans following his release from prison which includes speaking out against the prison system and moving out of “the city of brotherly love.”

“Straight self-hate, man, it makes these people crazy,” Meek says in regard to the African-American police and judicial figures involved in his incarceration. “For a kid from North Philly to come all the way up, then be pulled back down by his own? Trust me, I’m gonna say something about that. And then, I’m gonna move to Atlanta.”

Since his first infraction in 2007, Meek has been haunted by the court/prison sentence and was constantly either in jail or on probation even after his career took off. Meek Mill’s booking agent, Clint Saunders, tells Rolling Stone that the ‘Wins & Losses’ MC lost $5 million in show money last fall when shortly after the latest album was released, Meek was jailed and obviously unable to perform.

Since his November sentence, Meek Mill says that he does not allow certain people to visit him in jail. “I won’t let them come,” Meek said. “If they see me like this – fucked-up beard, hair all ganked – then it’s like I’m really in here. Which I’m not.”

The controversy surrounding Meek’s case from a potentially corrupt police officer who arrested Meek back in 2007, Reggie Graham, to Judge Brinkley who allegedly asked Meek in front of Meek’s then girlfriend, Nicki Minaj, to record a remix to Boys II Men‘s hit song “One Bended Knee,” and when Meek declined she simply said, ‘suit yourself’ in a sarcastic manner.

Meek refused to wear a wire in any of his meetings with the judge as asked by the FBI because, “in my world that’s called snitching.”

That being said, it’ll be difficult to pin any clear corruption charges on Judge Brinkley, but in the case of the corrupt officer, Meek’s defense team may have something plausible to bring to the April 16 post-conviction hearing.


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