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Driving sustainability and social change with the use of blockchain

GreenLink is the first social enterprise in Asia to launch a utility token based on Ethereum which drives sustainability & social impact.

GreenLink is Been Verified Blockchain Marketplace

Brands and products verified by GreenLink blockchain network will join a marketplace which promotes sustainability and businesses with impact.

Also GreenLink is a decentralised trust protocol that elevates social responsibility standards. Powered by blockchain, GreenLink is the world’s first protocol that revolves around one concept – sustainability.

What GreenLink consume every day impacts the world

We know very little about the products that we consume everyday and their impact on the world. Opaque and complex supply chains have long term negative impacts on the environment and the wellbeing of people. As a consumer, making informed purchasing decision is difficult and intricate. Few know how to actively support those who are working towards a world of sustainable trade.

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