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Why Is It That Many Women Out There Marry Low Quality Men?

I was at my parents house the other day and my mom was watching the TV show Four Weddings . In it, four brides-to-be attend each other’s weddings and judge it based on four categories: dress, venue, food and overall experience. Overall Experience: The woman who’s wedding is judged the highest receives a dream honeymoon for her and her new husband.

I’m not opposed to a reality show judging weddings, but this criteria is really bizarre. Anyone can do research of hire an event planner and be pretty flawless on these points, it just takes effort and money — I know, I used to be an event planner. So, in a sense, it’s kind of a contest about who already has the most money, and who is wise enough to listen to the advice of venue staff and industry experts. The actual bride would benefit by being a passive middle man between these people and the event, rather than competing herself.

In this sense, the show was missing what I think the real competition of getting married is about — the groom. Why isn’t there a groom category they judge each other on? That’s the most important part of getting married.

There are criteria that vary by woman’s preference — does he participate in the ceremony? Is he witty vs. goofy? Does he adhere to whatever standards of attraction the woman has?

But there are a vast and legitimate number of objective ways we could judge the groom–are his friends and family cool? Does he have a good job? How much does he care about his bride’s happiness? Does he know how to control his anger? Is he reasonable?

I had an acquaintance years ago who was 29 and extremely militant on his I’ll-never get-married-and-kids-are-dream-slayers philosophy. To him, his whole life was his and he really wanted to make it as a writer so getting married and/or having kids would be giving up the freedom he needed to do that. Then he met a girl and they started dating seriously. Right before he got engaged to her we went to lunch with another friend who asked him if kids were down the line since he’d changed his mind on the whole marriage thing.

He said no, obviously, he’d made up his own mind and although his soon-to-be fiancé wanted to change his mind, it would never happen. She also wanted to do premarital counseling, I guess, to make sure they were compatible but it was going to be uncomfortable and require too much work so he’d made the decision that they weren’t going to do that.

To me, this is a low quality, but common husband. He not only does not care about what you want, but he belittles you to the people in his life. This wasn’t just his secret acquaintance personality, he was a forthcoming person. She was just enamored by how funny and tall he was, I imagine, to care that at a very deep level he just does not give a shit about anyone else. This is a guy that you say no to, no matter how charming he is. Or, you allow yourself to get swept away and have a few good years followed by several miserable ones.

There’s no epidemic of people having shitty weddings (well, there is, but who cares?) But there is an epidemic of women marrying below them. This choice is what, if anything, people should judge you on — not your wedding venue.

By Rosemary

Here Is What You Need To Do If You Want To Quit Your Job To Travel The World

Today I woke up in my new Barcelona apartment, did some writing on the patio, watched the sun rise behind the pink and tan stucco buildings, then walked through town past some famous Gaudí architecture to meet and co-work with fellow digital nomads at a cafe.

Truth be told? One year ago I never thought that this could be my life. I never thought I’d be pouring all this azúcar moreno on my “café con leche, por favor” while networking and typing away with people from all around the world. Yet here I am, improving my Spanish by the day. How did I go from a 9-5 in San Francisco to this #digitalnomadlife where I now travel, live, and work all around the globe?

I believed in myself.

Living a location-independent life is a new phenomenon, and as such it’s met with lots of tension and disbelief. Friends and family aren’t always able grasp the concept, and most everyone will think you’re “a wild one” on an extended vacation. More, from all those years of following societal norms, your mind is autoprogrammed to think the same.

You’ll be dragging around that imaginary corporate ladder, knocking people over the head all the way through the plane aisle until you can finally shove it into that overhead compartment. But you cannot let all this resistance stop you. You have to fight back, know that what you’re doing is what will lead you to your ultimate life of freedom, and believe in yourself enough to make it happen.

I fought past fear.

If you’re like me and just about every other single person in the entire world, you’re scared of failure and the unknown. But guess what? The only things these fears are good for are 1) living a mediocre life, and 2) keeping you from achieving your dreams.

As Jim Carrey said: “So many of us choose our path out of fear disguised with practicality. My father could have been a great comedian, but he didn’t believe that was possible for him, and so he made a conservative choice. Instead, he got a safe job as an accountant, and when I was 12-years-old, he was let go of that safe job… I learned many great lessons from my father, not the least of which was that you can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.”

It’s time to get the off over your fears already. If you don’t, you’ll never be who you’re truly meant to be. No more excuses.

I considered my backup plan.

What was I currently doing? Living in San Francisco and working at a startup. What was my backup plan should I “fail” at traveling and working for myself? Move back to San Francisco and work at a startup. The thing I would do as my worst case scenario should everything fail was literally the exact same thing I was doing at that moment.

Now, can you really tell me that your backup plan is any different from what you’re doing right now? Oh, it’s not? Well then, my friend, you’re already living your worst case scenario. And you haven’t even given the best case a shot. There’s nothing more to discuss.

By Emmaattack

You need emotional connection before getting intimate? Six signs you identify as demisexual

This relatively new term refers to a slightly more sexually charged variation of asexuality or the condition in which someone feels no desire for sex whatsoever. It refers to a person who does not feel sexual attraction to another person unless they feel a strong emotional connection to them first.

Think of it this way.

Does it take you some time to get to get comfortable with someone first before being intimate? Does a deep emotional connection turn you on? If you answer yes to these questions, then you may identify as a demisexual.

While it sounds like nothing major or out of this world, there’s something deeper going on that is particular to those who are truly part of this sexual orientation.

Here are signs you may identify as one.

1. You are not into physical touch

If extended hugs or even making it out turns you off, you may be demisexual. You would rather sit down and have a conversation than get frisky. Physical intimacy, even with someone you’ve gotten to know can be uncomfortable and make you feel a bit anxious.

2. You enjoy sex but certain conditions must be met first

Unlike asexuals who are repulsed by sex, demisexuals actually enjoy it if their specific conditions are met. In short, they need to feel a strong emotional connection before they hit the sheets. Rather than feeling aroused when naked, they feel uncomfortable and exposed when forced to get physical with someone they don’t have an emotional bond with.

3. Don’t check people out

Judging people solely from their physical appearance on whether they are hot or not does not come naturally to them. For instance, when asked to rate how hot someone is, they are clueless because it is a completely alien concept to them.

4. Emotional bonds are extremely important

Your satisfaction comes from emotional intimacy with another person and sharing personal experiences. What gets them going is trust, communication, openness and emotional connection.

5. Sexually self-sufficient

Because sex isn’t the most important thing in their world, it does not mean they don’t enjoy it. Most of their moments of sexual gratification come from masturbation and when it comes to physical pleasure, they don’t see the need of another person.

6. Don’t see the need to flirt

Meaningless conversations with strangers, cracking jokes or going on goofy tangents about nothing doesn’t apply to them. They simply don’t speak that language and even when someone is trying to flirt with them, they never get it.

By My Night Reading

How To Fall In Love… And Out Of Love, According To Science

Can you really switch between the two?

There is no bigger mystery than love . Most people believe it’s this magical thing that happens between two people who are meant to be together forever. Science argues that it’s all hormones and brain activity . Maybe it’s a bit of both.

Love is one of the most sought-after emotions for the euphoric and heavenly feelings. But it’s also the most dreaded for the potential hurt and heartbreak.

Yet, people still want to fall in love. A recent study found that it may be possible to turn on feelings of love, as well as turn them off. In fact, the study classifies love not as an emotion but as a motivation.

“One reason why love would not be an emotion is that it elicits different emotions depending on the situation,” the study says.

In a study published in PLOS , researchers Sandra Langeslag from the University of Missouri, St. Louis and Jan van Strien from Erasmus University Rotterdam found that “love regulations” can change the intensity of how one falls in love . It uses cognitive and behavioral strategies.

In a group of 40 participants, half were in relationships and the other half had recently been through a breakup . The participants viewed a slideshow of 30 photos of their significant other or ex and were asked to regulate their feelings — thinking of something positive about their partner for “up-regulation” and something negative for “down-regulation.”

As expected, participants felt more love when they thought about positive aspects about their partner, but felt less love when they thought about the negative aspects.

So, what does this mean for couples and singles who just experienced a breakup?

Well, if the participants of the study felt more in love after concentrating on the positive aspects of their partner rather than the negative, then couples in marriages or romantic relationships can do the same.

Being with someone long-term, it’s not uncommon for the spark to die down. By thinking about what makes their partner wonderful, more marriages and relationships can be saved. Of course, there is an exception for those in toxic relationships .

As for those who have just gone through a breakup and are finding it difficult to let go, it helps to think of the negative aspects about their ex to know that you deserve better in your next relationship.

By V.C.

7 Couples Who Broke All Stereotypes About What an Ideal Relationship Should Look Like

A perfect relationship is when 2 people truly love each other. This is the only parameter necessary. But for some reason, many people are still surprised when they see people of different height, weight, nationality, and so on.

We have found proofs that there are no standards when it comes to love. So, if 2 people love each other, they don’t need to care about what other people think.

1. Fernandes de Silva family

© Even Medeiros / facebook

Joelison Fernandes de Silva is the tallest man in Brazil and the third tallest in the world — 7’8″. The man had a lot of trouble when he was a child and he even didn’t leave his home for several years. But these things are in the past now. He is not afraid of leaving his home and he lives a full life now. In 2015, Joelison married Evem Medeiros who is 7 years younger than him and 2.5 ft shorter.

2. Anton Kraft and China Bell

© China Bell / facebook © Anton Kraft / facebook

A 54-year-old Danish man is the world record holder in powerlifting. He is only 4 ft tall but he can lift 4 times his own body weight. But this is not the most interesting fact about his life. For a few years now, China Bell from Florida, who was born a man, has been Anton’s girlfriend. Opposites attract, right?

3. David Sikorski with his burrito

© Kristina Bakrevski

Once a writer from San Fransisco lost his patience. He couldn’t look at the romantic photos of his friends that were all over his Facebook newsfeed. Some of them got married and some of them had children. So David decided to show everyone what was happening in his life — he went to his favorite diner, bought a burrito there, and had a Love Story photo shoot in 2015.

4. Verne Troyer and Genevieve Gallen

© s_bukley / depositphotos

We all know Verne Troyer from Austin Powers and as the goblin for Gringotts in Harry Potter. Despite his very short height (only 2.5 ft), Vern has always been popular among women who look like models. Troyer had a long relationship with Genevieve Gallen and they got married in February 2004. Yes, the marriage was canceled the next day, but we still think that this couple deserves a place in this list.

5. Victor Hugo and Gabriela Peralta

© querubintattoo / facebook

This is the most tattooed couple and except for the tattoos, the couple has a total of 77 body modifications. For example, they have 50 piercings, implanted teeth, rings, scars, and so on. Victor and Gabriela have been happily married for more than 15 years. They have their own tattoo parlor where they work together.

6. Beautiful Existence married herself

© Beautiful Existence / facebook

Meet Beautiful Existence. Before she was 42 years old, this American woman, who is a single mother of 2 children, had a different name — Desiree Longabaugh. And she wasn’t really happy in her love life. But once, she realized that before building a relationship with someone, every person needs to marry themselves. She officially changed her name and organized a wedding ceremony in Paris, near the Eiffel Tower.

7. Ashley Stevens and Christopher Reed

© u/FellSamurai/reddit

The photo of this couple was posted by their friend on Reddit. The friend wrote, “My friend caught the bouquet. That is her boyfriend in the background.” Ashley Stevens and Christopher Reed were shocked by the reaction of people online. A lot of internet bullies either didn’t believe that such a beautiful girl would date an overweight guy or offended both of them in an extremely rude way.

© Christopher Glenn Reed/facebook

Even though Ashley and Christopher didn’t take the bullying lightly, they try not to pay attention to absolute strangers judging people they don’t know by just one photo. They have been together for over 2 years and they are a great example of a strong and happy couple.

Who would you give the award for “The Coolest Couple” to?

By High Sparrow

What will you say if an interviewer says “You have 10 minutes to impress me”?


Interviewer : You have 10 Minutes to impress me. and your time starts now.

Me: OK this 10 minutes would be all mine and I will also be eligible to question you.

Interviewer : OK

Me : I would like to tell you a story.. not 1 a couple to be precise.

Me : (Starts the story) There was a village on one side of a mountain and it did not have enough water. The other side of the mountain had enough water and the villagers used to climb the mountain, and get to the other side collect water and go back.

One such summer, the drought was so high and many died..The next summer was more painful and all the villagers decided to move on from there and stay aside the river.. While passing, an old man whose only son and wife died in the previous drought was already struggling to survive..He along with his daughter in law was passing the mountain and suddenly crumbled in thirst. Out of helplessness, his Daughter In law panicked and look around for a drop of water. When she found nothing, she breastfed him.. Seeing this came few villagers who were passing and everybody misunderstood that relation and out of anger and filthy feeling, they were beaten to death.. They did not even think once about how long the villagers knew this family nor they nobility of that family…. On her last breath did she say the truth and died.

Villagers out of guilt and sympathy did not know what to do…

SO, “Eyes which is the main informer to the brain that lets to think,imagine and decide can cheat your brain thoughts and decisions”

I used my 5 mins to complete this story….

ME : I would like to say another story since i have not consumed my full time..

Next story is about a King who had blind faith on the subjects of his country.. He always bragged about the faith they had in him and that they can understand him even without uttering a word or with the least words. His wise Minister wanted to break this and let the King realize about the importance of Communication. He challenged the King to which the Kind accepted it without second thought. The challenge was

“the King had to stay still like a statue on the top of the watch tower and will have to remain statue till the minister says relax.” King agreed and stood still..

Day 1 all people who gathered praised his will power and strength.

Day 2 Few started questioning about it

Day 3 Few started raising voice and question about it.

Day 4 Minister who was on the top of the watch tower along with the King in loud voice Yell “ You King is mentally Strong”…… and the people gathered on heard that the King is mental…. and thought the King has gone Mad

Day 5 Minister yelled again at the top of his voice that “You king is Dead Strong” and the people gathered there only heard that the King is Dead “. Hearing this there was a chaos and the people of that country panicked and there was a huge chaos until the minster said “relax to the King” and he moved.

SO, “Ears which is the second main informer to the brain that lets to think,imagine and decide can cheat your brain thoughts and decisions”

So I think this 10 minutes will never be enough for you to take a decision on a person’s caliber, ability and credibility…..

The wise is the one who relies both on Heart and Brain and not only on one.

You can certainly decide upon my qualification, Experience and this 10 minute experience with me.

Thank You

Thanks( If Read)

Matter of Fact !!

By High Sparrow

7 Secrets You Should Keep Away From Your Partner

Ever heard of the saying, ‘better tell a healing lie than a wounding truth?’ This is because the truth hearts.

As much as conventional wisdom dictates that lying is bad, which it is, it may actually be the better option depending on the circumstances.

Life is not simple and we are not angels. It is therefore sometimes a wise thing to keep your mouth shut when it comes to certain things.

For example, does she need to know her chapatis are awful? Or that you hate his friends? The answer is a no. Reason being it will do more damage, create unnecessary conflict and tension than do good.

And as we all know, the building blocks of a good relationship are made of integrity, trust and above all, honesty. However, there are instances you should keep your mouth shut and take your secret or feelings to the grave.

Here are seven things you should keep to yourself.

Sexual past

Unless it comes up in a conversation, one of the sex topics that should never be brought up is the number of partners one has had in the past. Simply put, don’t ask don’t tell. Unless you are very sure you both want to know, stir up the pot. Experts believe that discussing your sexual history with your current partner has zero benefits unless you are talking about testing, STD’s etc.

Relationship doubts

Whether in a long or new relationship, feelings of doubt and questions about the relationship will arise. Unless they persist do not share with your partner because they will only create insecurity and hurt. Process what you are going through and in most instances they will resolve by themselves.

You hate a member of their family

Those with evil mother in-laws can perfectly relate to how possible it is to hate someone from your partner’s family. Whatever issues you have with their family member, it is best to keep mum about it. No amount of hating or throwing shade will make the situation better. If anything, it can be the beginning to your relationship crumbling down especially if your partner holds that family member in esteem.

You don’t like something about your partner

No one is perfect, and this means we all have quacks. The worst thing you can do is to be brutally honest about your partner’s weaknesses, especially those they can’t change. Love calls for sacrifice and for this reason, keep the truth to yourself and compliment them instead.

You have had better sex before

Your boyfriend or girlfriend does not need to know that you have had a better time in the sheets from a past love interest. They want to be your best and should you spill the beans on this one, you will regret opening the pandora’s box.

What you spend your money on

Money is a sensitive issue especially in marriages and it is cited as one of the top reasons for divorce. When you have separate bank accounts and make your own money, it is ok to spoil yourself without having to be accountable to anyone so long as it doesn’t interfere with your household finances.

Negative comments about them

You have no reason to tell your partner the negative comments your friends or family member said about them. What is there to gain? Nothing at all. Those comments can be very hurtful and hard to recover from because your other half will always remember that and may later use it as evidence that your friend or family never liked them from day one.

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