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Hey Lovelies

We all want a little something when we are heading out- and see there that term “a little something” is what we are going to be emphasizing on in this post. For me slapping up highlighter, adding mascara, using a kajal is about the most natural type of makeup I like however am not here to talk about me;

Unlike me, there are many people who deal with skin blemishes and they need to cover them up but then they don’t want to go all out using a contour palette or over-using products on their face. This set of people are who we are focusing on today because you see, you could use a handful of products on your face and still look like your natural self (only an enhanced version).

The natural vibe everyday makeup tutorial is one of the most searched on YouTube and this is because people want to look great but with a natural hint. Talking wouldn’t help you achieve what you want so am going to let you go into the video already but first this is what you need;

Prep my Face:

1. Mac prep and prime


1. Tatrlette palette in Bloom- ACTIVIST shade for brows.

2. La Girl Pro Concealer In chesnut and fawn mixed up to clean up.

Eyes/Eye-shadow Assurance:

1. ABH Modern Ren. Palette.

2. Lashes are from LA COLORS.

3. NYX Liquid liner.

4. False Lash Drama mascara from covergirl.


1.Nyx total drop foundation in 19 mocha

2. Makeup Forever matte primer- my t zone, IM VERY OILY.

3. La girl pro concealer in Chestnut and Fawn.

4. Black opal deluxe finishing to set my highlight.

5. Mac Deep dark power to set face –

6. Blush and Highlight from IMAN Cosmetics.


1. Man cosmetics brow cocoa liner.

2. Nyx nude gloss.

3. fawn concealer in the middle

Set Face:

1. Skindinavia

Watch You-Tuber Princess Bellaaa teach you how to achieve a natural vibe everyday makeup tutorial


By nina is a bitch

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