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Why Nigeria must not lose the Igbo


I  have tried to measure the contribution of Igbos to the development of the Nigerian project and the conclusion I have reached is that Nigeria must do everything possible to get the Igbos to remain within the Nigerian union. They (Igbos) have contributed unprecedentedly to the development of the country in every sector. They are an exceptional nationality, comprising ‘born’ entrepreneurs, industrialists, academics, adventurists, etc. A Nigeria without this set of people and their drive for economic success might be boring and uninteresting.

In terms of their industrial spirit, the Igbo are probably the only nationality that has built several industrial estates across Nigeria. In 1997, an Igbo engineer, Ezekiel Izuogu, produced Nigeria’s first indigenous prototype car in Imo State. Africa was excited by his ingenuity. However, due to financial constraints and dirty Nigerian politics, the Izuogu Z-600 model could not hit the Nigerian market as a mass produced car. His workshop was later vandalised and his efforts destroyed. The dream died.

Few decades later, another Igbo, Innocent Chukwuma, has launched Innoson cars, making him the first indigenous car producer in and from Nigeria. Anambra and Enugu states alone have over six indigenous estates. By indigenous, I mean industrial estates built by indigenes, and with little or no government support. Nigeria’s first indigenous car is made in one of those estates – in Nnewi precisely.

The industrial estates are hosts to several other indigenous manufacturing companies, including one of the biggest plastic manufacturing plants in Africa.

One would be pleasantly surprised to see what the Igbos are producing in their industrial estates. It will not be wrong to say that Igbos are driving the indigenous manufacturing sector of the Nigerian economy with little or no government support. The first indigenous Nigerian company to produce an internationally certified brand of computers, Zinox, is Igbo, by the name, Stanley Nnamdi Ekeh from Imo State. The Igbos dominate the electronics market and have built a series of ‘computer villages’ across the country. Nigeria’s leading pharmaceutical companies – Emzor, Juhel, Orange, Rico, etc. – are Igbo owned.

Anabel Mobile, the first indigenous Nigerian phone manufacturer, is also Igbo owned. There are several industrial breakthroughs the Igbos have made in Nigeria than I can presently count.

On the level of trade and retail businesses, Igbos are the most successful traders and retailers in Nigeria, and possibly around the world. Across every Nigerian city, they do not only control the major retail markets, but they equally dominate small and medium scale industries, and are synonymous with the description of being ‘importers’.

Their natural inclination towards economic activities has driven them across the globe in search of opportunities. There is hardly a country in the world where you don’t find an Igbo man doing one legitimate or illegitimate form of business. The Igbos have proven to the rest of Nigeria beyond reasonable doubt that they are not lazy people.

In literature, the father of modern African Literature is an Igbo man by the name Chinua Achebe. His work, Things Fall Apart has remained one of Africa’s most read book, which brought international attention to Nigerian literature. Chinua Achebe remains an inspiration to most African writers.

In politics, the Igbo are the only nationality to have successfully executed Nigeria’s first and only political revolution, with the subsequent military coups being merely revenge ploys and schemes for political power.

In 1966, a group of senior Igbo officers forcefully took over power and wiped out a set of corrupt politicians in a bloody putsch. While the Igbos laid the foundation for political revolutions in Nigeria, today they are demanding for an independent nation. The Igbos like to fight for what they believe in and they always do while damning the consequences of this.

The Igbos control a fair share of the oil and gas servicing industry in Nigeria. The biggest indigenous oil servicing contractor in Nigeria today is Igbo-owned. The first indigenous and independently (without any shred of government funding) owned gas power plant was built by an Igbo in Aba – the Geometric Power Limited name (Uche Ogar). 

From haulage to logistics, procurement to real estate, finance, sports, entertainment, manufacturing, engineering to medicine, science, etc., the Igbos have been making Nigeria proud, locally and internationally. The Igbos might be arrogant and even exploitative in their quest for profits and expansionism, yet Nigeria can ill-afford to lose them from the union. They technically control the formal and informal sectors of Nigerian economy and they are everywhere making progress, with or without political patronage.

I was surprised to find out sometime last year that Igbos still engage in rural-riverine-onshore trading across the remotest villages of the Niger Delta. In this remote village near the Atlantic ocean in Bayelsa State which is only accessible through water and the air, these entrepreneurial Igbos have designed a floating market. They bring in their goods, dock their big boats once in two weeks, make sales and move to another village along that dangerous terrain – a business idea the indigenes of that area have never considered venturing into. The Igbos are definitely risk takers!

In this community where I have stayed for the past few months in Anambra State, the number of modern houses in this non-industrial, non-commercial small Igbo village is more than I have seen in all the oil communities I have visited in the Niger Delta put together. The Igbos are that successful and they always remember to invest in real estate in their home states.

The Igbo influence in the Roman Catholic Church worldwide is amazing. An Igbo, Cardinal Arinze, was once rumoured to become the first black Pope! The Igbos have a strong affinity with the Roman Catholic church and they have made a mark on the church globally.

Anyone who thinks the Igbos cannot survive as an independent nation might need to have a rethink., and it will be in the interest of Nigeria if they stay. 

  • Osborg is a public affairs analyst.

Source: Tribune online

God is Good!


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Trying to get pregnant? Here is a natural way to help you get rid of all forms of sexual dysfunctions and infertility…


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Infertility means not being able to get
pregnant after one year of trying (or six
months if a woman is 35 or older).
Women who can get pregnant but are
unable to stay pregnant may also be
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Are you having any of the following problems?
— Irregular Menstrual Cycles
— Delayed Periods
— Endometriosis
— Ovarian Cyst
— Miscarriages
— High Prolactin
— Fibroid
— Hormonal Imbalances
— Low Sexual Drive
— Weak erection
— Low sperm count
— Female/Male diabetes
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Pregnancy is the result of a process that has
many steps and the steps are as follows;
A woman’s body must release an egg
from one of her ovaries (ovulation).
The egg must go through a fallopian
tube toward the uterus (womb).
A man’s sperm must join with (fertilize)
the egg along the way.
The fertilized egg must attach to the
inside of the uterus (implantation).
Is infertility just a woman’s problem?
No, infertility is not always a woman’s problem.
Both women and men can have problems that
cause infertility. About one-third of infertility
cases are caused by women’s problems.
Another one third of fertility problems are due
to the man. The other cases are caused by a
mixture of male and female problems or by
unknown problems.
What Causes Infertility In Men?
Infertility in men is most often caused by:
A problem called varicocele. This
happens when the veins on a man’s
testicle(s) are too large. This heats the
testicles. The heat can affect the
number or shape of the sperm.
Other factors that cause a man to
make too few sperm or none at all.
Movement of the sperm. This may be
caused by the shape of the sperm.
Sometimes injuries or other damage to
the reproductive system block the
What Increases a Man’s Risk of Infertility?
A man’s sperm can be changed by his overall
health and lifestyle. Some things that may
reduce the health or number of sperm include:
Heavy alcohol use
Smoking cigarettes
Environmental toxins, including
pesticides and lead
Health problems such as mumps,
serious conditions like kidney disease,
or hormone problems
Radiation treatment and chemotherapy
for cancer
What Causes Infertility in Women?
Most cases of female infertility are caused by
problems with ovulation. Without ovulation,
there are no eggs to be fertilized. Some signs
that a woman is not ovulating normally include
irregular or absent menstrual periods.
Ovulation problems are often caused by
polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is a
hormone imbalance problem which can
interfere with normal ovulation. PCOS is the
most common cause of female infertility.
Primary ovarian insufficiency (POI) is another
cause of ovulation problems. POI occurs when
a woman’s ovaries stop working normally before
she is 40. POI is not the same as early
menopause. Another 10% of ovulatory
dysfunction is caused by Hypothalamic
Amenorrhea. Hypothalamic Amenorrhea is a
condition in which ovulation stops due to a
problem involving the hypothalamus. The
hypothalamus is an area of the brain that
produces hormones that control many bodily
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Less common causes of fertility problems in
women include:
Blocked fallopian tubes due to pelvic
inflammatory disease, endometriosis, or
surgery for an ectopic pregnancy
Physical problems with the uterus
Uterine fibroids, which are non-
cancerous clumps of tissue and muscle
on the walls of the uterus.
What Things Increase a Woman’s Risk of
Many things can change a woman’s ability to
have a baby. These include:
Excess alcohol use
Poor diet
Being overweight or underweight
Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
Health problems that cause hormonal
changes, such as polycystic ovarian
syndrome and primary ovarian
Some health problems also increase the risk of
infertility. So, women should talk to their
doctors if they have:
Irregular periods or no menstrual
Very painful periods
Pelvic inflammatory disease
More than one miscarriage
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It is a good idea for any woman to talk to a
doctor before trying to get pregnant.
Finding the cause of infertility and also treating
it can be a long and emotional process. It may
take time to complete all the needed tests and
treatments. But at the end of the day, finding
the exact cause makes the treatment easy.
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