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Morocco implements ban on forced marriages

A new law criminalising sexual violence and harassment has come into force in Morocco.

The law – which includes a ban on forced marriage – follows growing concern in recent years about levels of abuse against women.

One survey found that six in 10 Moroccan women had suffered some kind of violence. Recent rape cases have received wide coverage on social media.

BBC Arabic’s Mouna Ba says the new law has been widely welcomed, but it has also been criticised because it does not provide a definition of domestic violence or a specific ban on marital rape.


The sexual harassment discourse: Beyond lip service, unto facts and figures

A research and data from platform is taking the lead to provide comprehensive and quality data on sexual harassment via an online survey campaign to gather responses from ONE MILLION Nigerians on their experiences, dispositions and opinions on the ravaging social malaise.

As the heated discourse of the issue of sexual harassment and its various dimensions continue to gather speed and new angles, a compelling question remains that of access to usable facts and figures.

Although reference would typically be made to the staggering prevalence of sexual harassment in the society, the point must be made that without reliable and precise data, much use cannot be made of such inferences. Where empirical data is available, the scope usually falls short of what would serve for valid interpretations and objective programming of interventions. Hence, as cases and events related to this societal sore keep popping up in various places all around us, it goes without saying that it would be of immense value to have some form of valid statistics or the other, upon which meaningful decisions, policies and laws can be made by individuals, organizations and governmental bodies engaged in the fight against the social malignancy.

One way that, a research and data platform committed to open source information and research facilitation, has seen fit to tackle this need is to deploy a rather ambitious initiative which crux is a strategic online survey aimed at seeking and collecting hard facts from at least ONE MILLION Nigerians on the issue of sexual harassment. Coming on the heels of the avalanche of reactions and counter-reactions spurred by the recent “Monica Osagie” episode, the survey campaign, which is interestingly tagged “Speak Up Against Sexual Harassment”, is one which promises to deliver a load of valuable data and statistics when the project is completed. The survey questionnaire itself is a 25 item piece hosted on the survey-based research platform of the firm which is aptly named Raadaa Insights and can be easily accessed and responded to via

It is projected that the data collection phase will take about 90 days and then there will be analyses of the data obtained and subsequent publishing of results. Extended plans include having the resulting information in a data repository housed on the platform for use by relevant stakeholders. In the meantime, extensive publicity is being mounted on various online as well as offline channels to promote the initiative and the survey by both Raadaa and various partners involved in the present project.

While we can all await some insightful data resulting from this initiative, more information regarding the initiative or other news thereby can readily be accessed on the Raadaa home domain ( as well as the surveys platform ( In the meantime, we say kudos to the Raadaa team and wish them good winds in their sails.

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By Mitchelle Okuku

Nigerian ‘sex-for-marks’ professor dismissed

A Nigerian professor who allegedly offered to change a student’s marks in return for sexual favours has been dismissed from his position.

Richard Akindele was fired from his job as an accounting lecturer at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) in south-western Nigeria after Monica Osagie decided to publish a conversation in which he said he would increase her grades if she slept with him.

The recording went viral, prompting comments in parliament and across social media.

The “scandalous” behaviour had, OAU Vice-Chancellor Eyitope Ogunbodede said in a statement, “brought ridicule to the name of the university” and “tarnished” its reputation.

According to Professor Ogunbodede, Professor Akindele said Miss Osagie knew she had passed but “was seeking to score an A” and was actually sexually harassing him.

However, the vice-chancellor said this version of events “cannot be supported by any evidence”.

Professor Akindele has not yet commented on the findings.

By Morning Call

Lagos state launches sexual assault standing order, rape kits


In line with the mandate of Governor Akinwunmi
Ambode, the Lagos State Domestic and Sexual
Violence Response Team (DSVRT) in partnership
with the Ministry of Health and the Primary
Health Care Board at the weekend launched the
Sexual Assault Standing Order and Sexual
Assault Evidence Examination Kit, also referred
to as rape kits.
Coordinator of the DSVRT, Mrs. Titilola Vivour-
Adeniyi said the launch was done at a training
session for Health workers of Primary Health
Care Centres.
She listed the five pilot centres to include
Ogudu, Ita-elewa in Ikorodu, Ajilete in Ifako-
Ijaiye, Palm Avenue in Mushin and Oshodi in
She said the selection of the pilot PHC’s was
methodically done as statistic reveals that
sexual and gender based assault related crimes
are most prevalent in these areas. These
centres render 24 hours service, laboratory, HIV
Counselling and Testing, and Maternal and Child
Health Services.
According to her: “the Rape Kits contain the
necessary instruments used for evidence
gathering and examination some of which
include microscope slides, saline water, swabs
for collecting fluids from delicate body parts like
the lips, cheeks, thighs, private parts.
“The Kit also includes materials for blood
samples, comb, paper sheets for evidence
collection such as clothing fibres and hairs, nail
pick for scraping debris from beneath the nails,
gloves. The documentation forms which include
the consent form and Patient History/ Sexual
Assault History are also in the rape kit.
Mrs. Vivour-Adeniyi said the Lagos State Sexual
Assault Standing Order, the first of its kind in
Nigeria, was produced to guide the provision of
health care services as well as set the minimum
acceptable standards for the provision of quality
health care to the survivors of sexual assault.
She expressed optimism that The Standing
Order will equip healthcare providers with tools
to facilitate examination, treatment and
management of sexual assault patients.
“The output of this training in terms of
knowledge shared with the workers will
ultimately facilitate examination and
management of patients after sexual assault,
and also improve the quality and documentation
of evidence collection.
“The protocol response to be adopted is now
clearly enumerated, some of which include
taking the survivor/patient to a designated area,
getting the informed consent of the survivor to
have the examination, obtaining the medical
history, and then proceeding to collect the
different samples necessary for forensic
examination and testing.
The Training was organised by the Lagos
DSVRT with technical support from United
Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS),
United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and
FHI 360.

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