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Don’t plug your phone why making calls😈

Is very bad today that some people don’t understand why they should not plug there cellphone on light why making calls! Plugging earphone in your ear while charging your phone is very risky, another thing is those people that live around Telecommunication  Mask is very risky too! All those things are the course of some Skin Infection, Brain Infection etc. This is the


here just take a look of it


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Say Something Before I Take Your Silence As Goodbye

Send me the letter before my address changes Tell me your words before someone else does Don’t leave when you want to stay Get closer before I move away

Tell me about the days you thought of me And the nights you missed me Tell me about all times you wished I was there And the times you thought I didn’t care

For once, don’t hold back Forget about the rules Don’t think about what could go wrong You know we don’t live for too long

For once, don’t delete the message Please press send For once, get it all off your chest And let’s put all doubt to rest

But say something before I stop listening Before I take your silence as goodbye Look me in the eye and tell me everything We never know what tomorrow may bring

But if you have a letter, send it Because if I change my address I might never come back Because leaving is a one-way track

If you have a message, send it Before I change my number Do something and let me know how you feel Before time goes by and someone else seals the deal.