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Michaela Strachan: Vegetarianism can save world’s wildlife

Michaela Strachan has called for more people to go vegetarian in order to help wildlife all over the world.

The British TV presenter – who is famous for her work on nature programmes for four decades – has been meat-free for many years after realising it was better for the environment to follow a diet which didn’t include meat products, and better for her health.

Michaela has seen firsthand the damage that is done to natural habitats by intensive livestock farming and has urged people to consider going veggie to help save many species affected by man-made problems.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, she said: “Becoming vegetarian and following that lifestyle is one way of helping wildlife because it’s a lot more efficient to eat vegetables than it is to eat meat. “You don’t need the same amount of land to give you the same amount of food you’d get if you were growing crops compared to if you were rearing livestock. If we all are more vegetables and less meat than we’d have a lot more land available for wildlife. You look at so many farms they’re monoculture farms, they don’t grow anything but one thing. I always find it interesting when people are on a hilltop and look down and have a view of farmland and they’ll say, ‘What a gorgeous view.’ And I look at it and think, ‘What a depressing view.’ That’s because there’s no woodland, no trees, no hedges, there’s nothing, monoculture.”

Although Michaela is an advocate for vegetarianism she doesn’t think she wants to take the next step and become a vegan, cutting all animal -related products from her plate and her life.

The ‘Springwatch’ presenter believes that it is a too radical a step for most people and she personally is happy at where she has drawn her line with her commitment to vegetarianism.

She said: “I think veganism is quite radical for a lot of people. I’m not going to do it. I think because I travel so much I think being vegan could be quite difficult to eat in some of the places that I go to. I’m actually happy with where I’ve drawn my line at the moment, that might change, but I’m happy now.”

Michaela is currently working with charity Kiwis for kiwi and Old Mout Cider on a campaign to save New Zealand’s indigenous kiwi bird from possible extinction.

The kiwi population has declined by 99 per cent over the past 50 years and it could die out in the next 50 if its plight is not addressed.

Michaela is supporting a scheme to make predator-free islands to protect the flightless bird and help numbers grow and has made a short documentary film called ‘The Forgotten World’, which shows her travelling to New Zealand’s Kapiti Island – an isolated sanctuary for the birds who have lived for 50 million years.

The public can join Michaela’s kiwi crusade by visiting to donate 20p to the cause.

Discussing the campaign, she said: “Everyday something becomes extinct and that’s often plants, or things in the sea that nobody has ever heard of and because nobody’s heard about then nobody cares about them and they never get on the pages of newspapers. But when it’s an iconic species that’s when people wake up and if we can save animals like the kiwi then we’re saving a lot of other animals as well because you’re saving the environment that all that wildlife lives in.”

By JC News

10 Ways to Make Your Home Look Expensive With No Budget

Have you ever entered a space and thought goodness this is beyond ordinary it must have cost a fortune?

Well, it’s not impossible to decorate your home without dropping major coins on expensive lamps, rugs, and décor of that ilk, or on the flip side feel like you need to furnish your apartment with floor-to-ceiling carpets.

Your house being a person aboard, it should reflect your personal taste and aesthetic.

With these 10 tips, you can make your house look like something out of a magazine, even on a budget!

1. Have a pop of color

Paint is not expensive and is one way to bring a huge difference to a room. Use color to give you the general feel of a room. You can decide to tone down the colors or make the color bolder depending on what you want to achieve with the room.

2. Change your throw pillows

An easy way to accessorize your home is to have throw pillows. They will brighten the room and whether you buy them or make your own, matching colors and textures will add character to your space. Be careful not to have too many pillows as you might go overboard.

3. Buy towels that you are excited to use

If you have any of those old towels with discolored whites and bleached out colors, you will need to throw them out. Such towels make your space look cheap and dirty. Instead have crisp white, fluffy towels. They will add a more luxurious feel to your space.

4. Hang art on the walls

Having hangings on the wall always makes space feel more like home. This could be DIY art, family photos or framed pieces. Before placing anything on the wall first make sure to figure out where everything will go, and that the pieces are in the right sizes as per the scale of the wall. An inexpensive way to go about this is to visit your local craft shop and get things to create your own artwork.

5. Update old fixtures

An easy way to upgrade the look and feel of your house is to update any of the old fixtures. These include doorknobs, light switch plates, drawers, and handles. They are inexpensive, and those little details will give your house a high end feel.

6. Use mirrors to add visual space

Having a well thought out mirror placement in the house will give your eyes the illusion of bigger space. Invest in large mirrors as they will reflect the room making it appear twice as big.

7. Use bookshelves for things other than books

An interesting decorating tip for your house is to avoid using your bookshelf solely for layers of books. Mix up the books with some interesting frames photos and decorations such as vases. Just make sure everything remains neat and clean.

8. Stick to classic neutral walls

If you are not sure which way to go with color, simply stick to the classic neutrals. These include gray, beige, greige (beige and gray) and yellow. These colors are never out of trend and go well with everything. You can then have the bold colors on your accessories.

9. Add area rugs

Nothing transforms a space quite like an area rug does. They make a room more interesting and help define it. You should have your furniture sitting on the area rug or at least with the feet of the furniture touching it.

10. Light up the room

Nothing gives a room ambiance like lighting does. Make sure to always have natural light in the room so do not block any windows. Source lighting is also quite important to make sure to have table and floor lamps. They add to the statement of the room.

By High Sparrow

Feel like the duck

Do you feel the duck pattern of movement in the sea or ocean? And I know you’re thinking how did the duck does it but is only God Almighty knows how he created duck, so I want you to imagine and hallucinate you been like the duck that is in the ocean or sea how will you feel? I love duck when ever it swims what about you?.