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Why money bearing face of Dead People?



I have been wondering about this for many years, since i was 10, now i have come to realise it finally and i wanna ask you guys why is it that money bears the face of dead people instead of living people?.

We have been hustling, struggling and fighting to get a papers that bears a face of a dead man and woman, both Dollar, Naira, Yah, Pound, Eruo, Franc etc, and i keep thinking if they can change so that i may bear a face of living human being like Welcome Back To America.

Please i really need answers about this, because is confusing me a lot.

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What’s the difference?

I couldn’t get my damn eyes off this picture because of the beauty of #Africa, anytime I scroll down 👇 my photos I must wait a little bit looking at this picture trying to figure many things out in between #Black and #White, black have been in #slavery for many years till date they’re still in slavery, blacks took #Passion in everything they do in life, #White will wait till blacks kill many before coming for rescuing, watch a movie called 

  • #Hotel_Rwanda,
  • #Some_Times_In_April,
  • #Roots, and
  • #Tears_Of_The_Sun

 which is the #BiafransExit, in the whole world whites are the world power but believe me one day world power will come to Africa just one day believe me, so black is not just a colour is an #Altitude and also an #Altimate for me, I still reason why people want to make sentence or a speech about this two colours the do start it this way “Black and White” why can’t they always use “White and Black” normally? 

for you to understand that that real race between black and white but for me I so much love but two colours because they all #Humans not animals, in all whites are so #Beautiful but blacks are #Pulchritude, white should please come and look into Africa mostly #Nigeria and #BiafraExit because many people are dying like seriously am telling you.. White don’t over look Africa in any way, I can remember one white lady called me a slave I was very angry that day but at the middle and the end of everything she apologized to me because the approach I gave her that day was amazingly great, so let see our self as one please because colour is what we bear on our skin but what we will be looking at is what we both have in mind so that we can help each other. Thanks Chosenone/Signalblog bring it to you… Love you all folks……. 

Swiss Street Named In Federer’s Honour

(International News Tennis)


The national centre for Swiss Tennis can now be found at “1 Allée Roger Federer”. On Thursday, the Swiss star returned to Biel, where he trained as a junior, to attend a ribbon-cutting ceremony inaugurating the street.
“I am very moved,” said Federer, according to , before the 1500 people gathered for the event. “I hope that we will see future champions on the Allée Roger Federer.”
Federer, alongside Swiss Tennis president René Stammbach and Mayor Erich Fehr, also assisted with the ground-breaking for the extension of the Swiss Tennis training centre, to open in 2017.
This is not the first time a street has been named in his honour. In 2012, the city of Halle, in Germany, unveiled “Roger-Federer-Allee” in recognition of Federer’s success on the grass at the Gerry Weber Open .

Abacha’s loot is too huge for us to handle – World Bank

Tuesday, October 27, 2015
at 10:43 PM

The World Bank has asked for more time to
provide a detailed report on the loot of former
military dictator,


Sani Abacha, saying the loot is
too huge for it to handle. The World Bank said
this in response to a request by civil society
group, Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability
Project (SERAP) asking for a comprehensive
document detailing all the loots of the former
military dictator which is estimated at $11.3
billion and stashed in foreign banks.
“In response to your request, we would like
to inform you that we are still considering
your request and we will need additional
time because the money involved is too
huge for us to handle.” World bank says
The World Bank added that although it takes just
20 working days to respond to such requests,
under special cases, it could take longer time.

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