The Task Awaiting Buhari’s ‘Wise Men’


On September 20, 2015 4:48 am
MORE than three months into the life of
the current administration led by
President Muhammadu Buhari, it is yet
to formally unveil its economic blue
print for the next four years.
In fact, a former Deputy Governor of the
Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Dr.
Obadiah Mailafia, in the frenzy,
following the recent JP Morgan’s
announcement of the delisting plan of
Nigeria from its Bond Index for
Emerging Markets, declared that beyond
the lack of liquidity excuse tendered by
JP. Morgan, the real reason behind the
action may be the seeming lack of
economic policy direction that Mr.
Buhari wants to thread.
As an institution which is guiding
foreign investors on investment decision,
it wants to be sure beyond doubt what
economic agenda a country has, so as to
ascertain whether it would be favourable
or not. Therefore, the earlier the
government comes up with an economic
blueprint, the better for it, because this,
to a large extent, drives foreign direct
investments,” Mailafia said, while giving
a perspective to a television debate in
Abuja few days ago.
Again, a development economist and
former Diasporan Nigerian, Mr. Odilim
Enwegbara, has warned President
Buhari to be very proactive to ward off
the looming economic recession by
ensuring that his economic management
team pursues a pro-growth, investment
and jobs fiscal policy direction.
This, according to the economist, should
be the team’s first step, adding: “The
team’s comprehensive fiscal stimulus
package should focus on an
unprecedented infrastructure
investment. Here, the target should be on
power sector with an ambition to
generate not less than 100,000MW
within the next 10 years.”
All these assertions, somewhat, go to
support the claims by President Buhari
and Vice President Osibajo, on
assumption of duties when they painted
the picture of a bad situation of the
economy, as they told Nigerians that
they met an empty treasury, with a
burgeoning debt portfolio, which has
spiraled to over $60 billion.
All the claims seemed plausible as
governments, in all tiers then, were
battling with meeting their basic
commitments of paying workers salaries,
until the new administration had to
intervene with some stimulus packages,
which saw the holding of two Federation
Accounts Allocation Committee (RAAC)
meetings in one month, where
Federation revenue was distributed, as
well as a N338 billion life line for states,
which were still cash strapped after the
two FAAC meetings to meet up with
payment of their workers’ salaries.
Experts say the President needs to do
more than just resorting to ordering the
CBN to print Naira as bail-out for states
or the Federal Government, because
these measures would send out wrong
messages to Nigeria’s global partners
and investors’ confidence in the country.
That is why he needs to ensure that the
team expected to be unveiled soon must
be men and women with capacities to
provide solutions to 21st century
For instance, it is absurd to know that
nine moths into a fiscal year, not a
single penny has been released to
Ministries Departments and Agencies
(MDAs) for the purpose of executing
capital projects, which are the only
source from where the citizenry can
benefit from government.
Again, the tardy nature of capital budget
implementation by the MDAs, even when
funds are released to them, leaves so
much to be desired. As such, who ever is
going to be assigned the role of the
Finance Minister, must be someone with
a mind of his or her own, who cannot be
easily dissuaded from insisting on the
right things being done.
One area that the President needs to
confront in the budget administration in
Nigeria is the appetite for MDAs to hide
projects that could be done on a Public
Private Partnership (PPP) basis to save
government huge resources from the
The Director General of the
Infrastructure Concession and
Regulatory Commission, Mallam Aminu
Dikko, attested to this fact in a chat with
The Guardian.
He said: “Whereas, the Federal
Government has developed a robust
World Bank, AFDB backed public private
partnership (PPP) model for project
financing in Nigeria, where private
funds could be deplored to fund public
utilities, some MDAs would prefer to take
the projects for government financing,
because of the pecuniary gains they
derive from government funding, which
most times is always prohibitive to
carter for various interests in the award
of the contract.”
Still expected to pose a great challenge to
the change plan of the President will be
how he confronts the fraud in the import
waivers granted by the Federal Ministry
of Finance and tax concessions for
investors recommended by the Nigerian
Investment Promotion Council to the
Federal Inland Revenue Service, which is
robbing the country of several billions of
Naira. How the in-coming President
tackles this menace would go a long way
in mitigating the paucity of funds in the
Some of the perceived challenges may
have provoked Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, last
May, to declare that the Nigerian
economy had reached its worst moment
in history.
Giving a perspective to the situation, a
development economist and public
affairs commentator, Mr. Odilim
Enweagbara, described it, as ‘Nigeria at
a crossroads’ because of the myriad of
challenges seeking equal urgent
attention. He then advised the new
President to immediately hit the ground
running before Nigeria becomes a
laughing stock amongst the comity of
Enweagbara also said government should
seek “alternative sources of revenues.”
He added, “besides high import tariffs
and increasing value added tax (VAT),
government should also seek other novel
sources of raising its revenues to meet
its growing budgetary needs. This has
become inevitable in an era oil revenues
are no longer enough to meet
government’s increasing needs to invest
in the country’s economic
diversification, which is needed should
be hope to diversify government
revenues too.”


Together In Life And Death. Pa Awo And HID!..

Together In Life And Death
By Gregory Austin Nwakunor on September 20,
2015 2:20 am


IDOWU, the child born after twins,
according to Yoruba mythology, is often
associated with strong will and soul.
Perhaps, stubbornness. For Hannah
Idowu Dideolu Awolowo, popularly
known as HID, those hallowed adjectives
are not mythic expressions. They are
real. They have made her a legend
among her people. A legend of the time.
Born to a modest family in the small
Ikenne community of Ogun State on
November 25, 1915, her mother was
Deaconess Elizabeth Oyesile Adelana, a
business woman and member of royalty,
while her father was the famous Chief
Moses (MF) Odugbemi Adelana, a
descendant of Obara ruling House, in
Ikenne Remo and of the Liyangu
Akarigbo ruling house of Sagamu.
HID had a wild combination of sincerity
and rebelliousness, a powerful mix of
political awareness and activism. With
forcefulness that inspired young and old,
it was not a surprise that her biography
was a reflection of the same duality, the
stubbornness of Idowu and strong will of
Mama Awolowo grew up in a lively and
happy home filled with nine half
brothers and sisters. She was born into a
polygamous household, and was the
daughter of the second of her father’s
three wives, and the only one of the
seven children borne by her mother to
survive long after birth.
She had her primary education at St.
Savior’s Anglican School, Ikenne in 1921
(now Our Saviour’s), but later moved to
St. Peter’s Anglican School, Faji, Lagos.
Between 1928 and 1933, the late chief
(Mrs) Awolowo attended Methodist Girls’
High School, then located on Broad
Street, Lagos.
Driven by an unquenchable desire to
give back to her school wherein she
drank from the fountain of knowledge,
she decided to return to her alma mater,
to teach, and was there between 1934
and 1936, before moving into business.
She resigned into full time business and
got married on December 26, 1937, to
the late Chief Jeremiah Obafemi
Awolowo, who famously referred to her
as his “jewel of inestimable value”. They
remained each other’s best friend to the
end; together they fought for the cause of
justice and for the release of their fellow
men from ignorance and diseases. They
had five children. Olusegun (1939 –
1963), Omotola, Oluwole (late), Ayodele
(late) and Tokunbo.
It was not long after the wedding that
the family moved to Ibadan. Her
husband, subsequently, journeyed to
London where he studied Law.
“I felt a little bit lonely when he left for
London, but he contended that it was for
the good of the family,” mama recalled
that period of her time with the sage.
A woman of industry whose watchwords
were honesty and hard work, she never
joked with supervision. Shortly after her
marriage, in 1937, she took to trading,
the traditional business of her mother
and grandmother. Mama HID remained
till death, a reputable and renowned
businesswoman, who never joked with
total supervision.
She was first appointed Nigerian
distributor of Nigerian Tobacco
Company, in 1957, and was until death,
chairman of African Newspapers of
Nigeria Plc, Publishers of Tribune titles,
Dideolu Specialist Hospital, Dideolu
Stores Limited among others and the
Matron of National Association of
Nigerian Women in Business (Ogun State
Back home from Britain, Awolowo
formed the cultural group known as Egbe
Omo Oduduwa, in 1949, and a political
party, the Action Group (AG), in 1951,
also known as Egbe Afenifere in Western
part of Nigeria, as part of the Social
Programme for the emancipation of
Yoruba race. HID was around to play the
role of a supportive partner. She went
with him on campaign trips and hosted
political associates and other guests at
Her devotion to her husband through
thick and thin and the fulfillment of her
marital vows came to the fore, when she
stood unfalteringly beside her husband
during his political vicissitudes,
especially, when the going was truly
tough for the sage during the alliance
formed between the National Council of
Nigerian Citizens (NCNC) and the Action
Group (AG) called United Progressive
Grand Alliance, while Awolowo was held
as a political prisoner.
She was a great source of emotional
spiritual and physical strength for her
deliberately persecuted husband. Mama
did not only face the jeering of political
opponent, she also lost her first son,
Segun, a lawyer in a ghastly motor
accident along Lagos-Ibadan road at a
time her husband was serving prison
term for treason.
Mama bore the tribulations with the
passion of a Christian, realising that all
things that come into being must pass
Socially, HID Awolowo was on the move.
She was the matron, Ikenne Social Circle
till death, and Grand Matron Remo
Country Club. She was also honoured
with much chieftaincy title in
recognition of her impressive standing
in the society. These include the Yeye
Oba of Ife, Yeye Oodua.
She was also the Mojibade of Ikenne and
Iyalode of Remoland. She was bestowed
with the prestigious national award of
the Commander of the Order of the Niger
Among other awards, HID was awarded
the Doctor of Letters (Honours Causa) of
the University of Calabar, Obafemi
Awolowo University, Ile Ife and the
Ogun State University (now Olabisi
Onabanjo University).
The Yeye Oba of Ife was not only mother
of the nation, but also the mother of
Remo Diocese (Anglican Communion),
the title she earned through total
commitment to God’s kingdom.
Mama remained Life Matron Agbeni
Progressive Association, Agbeni Young
Women Christian Association, a licensed
Lay Reader, Iyalode, Our Saviour’s
Anglican Church, Ikenne, Iya Ijo of the
same church, synod delegate and the
Diocesan mother.
HID’s sense of piety and reverence for
the things of God began to deepen and
which of course was noticed as she was
made a class leader at Agbeni Methodist
Church in 1940 after years of devoted
Unwavering faith in her savior, which
was seen in her being the president of
Agbeni Young Women Christian
Association (AYWCA) for several years
and chairman of the Young Women
Christian Association (YWCA)
international for the Western region.
She was equally made the first matron of
Agbeni Youth Progressive Association
when it was founded 62 years ago. The
various positions she held gave abiding
credence to her Agbeni Young Women
Christian Association (AYWCA) for
several years and chairman of the Young
Women Christian Association (YWCA)
international for the Western region.
On Wednesday, September 5, 2009, she
received the award of the Fellow of
academy of Religion (FAR) by the
Nigerian Association for the Study of
Religion (NASR). This was done in
recognition of her unique and
unwavering contribution to the
advancement of humanity and her role
in the employment of religion as a
veritable tool both in national and global
Yeye Oodu’a whose life has been
dedicated to service to humanity won
herself many awards through her
The major beneficiary of her
philanthropy is her church, Our
Saviour’s Church, Ikenne, where she first
presented a marble pulpit when she
turned 50, and on turning 60, donated a
central stained glass of the chancel
window. When she clocked 95, she
insisted that the marble pulpit must be
given a facelift while she ensured that
the church was air conditioned by
donating central air conditions to mark
her birthday and ensure worshippers
worship in comfort. And her latest
gesture was the hosting of the 10th synod
of the Remo Diocese themed “The cost of

New Olu Of Warri Emerges!..

New Olu Of Warri Emerges
By Chido Okafor, Warri on September 20, 2015
2:41 am


AMID canon shots and ovations, yesterday, at
Ode-Itsekiri, the ancestral home of the Itsekiri
people, the traditional council announced the
demise of the late Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwatse
Shortly after, the Olu designate, Prince
Godfrey Ikenwoli Emiko, was also
announced. Fourteen canon shots were
fired into the air to bid farewell to the
late monarch.
The Ojomo of Warri, Chief Yaya Pessu,
formally unveiled Prince Emiko. He also
performed the traditional ritual of the
breaking of a red pot at the palace
premises. It was learnt that following the
death of Atuwatse II, prominent chiefs of
Warri Kingdom, including Chief Yaya
Pessu and Chief Isaac Jemide, consulted
the Itsekiri traditional ancestry from
where it was learnt that the ancestors
favoured Prince Emiko. Many Itsekiri
leaders who graced the ceremony were
in a pensive mood.
Some refused to make comments, saying
they were still pained by the demise of
the late monarch. After the Olu designate
was made known to the people, he was
led away amid tight security.
Hundreds of mourners who thronged the
Ode-Itsekiri palace shed tears
intermittently after the disclosure of the
death. Chiefs Yaya Pessu and Thomas
Ereyitome who spoke to reporters shortly
after the ceremony said the Olu-
designate would go into seclusion for 90
days, as prelude to his coronation.
They disclosed that time for the burial of
the late Olu would soon be made known
to all Itsekiri people. Member
representing the Warri Federal
Constituency in the Federal House of
Representatives, Mr. Daniel Reyenieju,
described the passing away of the Olu as
a tragedy of monumental proportion, not
only to the Itsekiri nation, but also to the
people of Delta State and all Nigerians.
At the announcement of the monarch’s
death, yesterday, Reyenieju said the late
Atuwatse was most exemplary and
focused in his quest for the development
of his kingdom and for the interest of
itsekiri. He added that the Olu was
boundless in his quest for justice for all
he came across. He congratulated the
new Olu-elect and thanked members of
the Warri traditional council, and the
entire itsekiri nation for a peaceful

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