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Announcing Our New Advisor: Andrew Yang, Democratic Candidate for U.S. President in 2020

We are excited to announce that Manna has become the first cryptocurrency ever to be supported by a major-party candidate for President of the United States.
Last month, while in New York for a blockchain conference, Manna co-founders Eric Stetson and Brandon Venetta had the opportunity to meet with Andrew Yang.
Yang is a successful entrepreneur and author of two books about business and economics. In 2011 he founded Venture for America, a nonprofit with a mission to empower the entrepreneurs of the future to create jobs across America. In 2017 when he stepped down as CEO, Venture for America had over 500 Fellows and alumni who had started 29 companies, raised over $40 million, and helped create over 2,500 jobs.
This extraordinary man is now running for President of the United States as a Democratic Party candidate in the 2020 election. His campaign proposes a $1,000/month “Freedom Dividend,” a form of Universal Basic Income to deal with the impending crisis of massive technological unemployment.

Yang’s commitment to UBI and concerns about unemployment resulting from automation align powerfully with our project. So much so, in fact, that Andrew Yang has joined our Advisory Board!

We are honored that someone with his level of experience and esteem believes in our project – and not only that, has decided to join our team as an advisor.

Even though Manna is still in the very early stages, having a major-party presidential candidate on our team giving us expert advice and access to his network, bolstering the credibility of our project, and increasing public awareness about the importance of UBI and how cryptocurrency can be used for social good, greatly increases our chance of success.

It’s hard to imagine the full impact on demand and price of our currency that could result from this relationship. Imagine what could happen if Yang’s campaign catches on and reaches millions of Americans who are looking for bold ideas for change.

But you don’t need be as influential as Andrew Yang to help us grow our project. You can buy Manna to help capitalize the currency so that the distributions to our UBI recipients will be more significant. If you believe, like Andrew Yang, that Universal Basic Income is an idea whose time has come, you can help make it happen today.

Click here for detailed instructions for how to buy Manna on an exchange.

Thank you for supporting the Manna project! With amazing supporters like Andrew Yang, we feel more confident than ever!

By Manna