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​In Indonesia Suicide bomber attacks police station, injures 1

A suicide bomber on a motorcycle attacked a police station in the small

Indonesian city of Solo on Tuesday, killing himself and wounding a police officer, a police spokesman said.

Following the attack, President Joko Widodo, who is from Solo and a former mayor of the town, urged calm and ordered police to quickly arrest others that may have been connected to the suicide bomber.

Police have increased security at churches, mosques, shopping malls and airports as Indonesia, home to the world’s largest Muslim population, prepares to celebrate the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

“We are increasing the number of personnel, as well as intensifying patrols and security in places where there are a lot of people gathering,” said police spokesman Agus Rianto .

Police said the attacker detonated the bomb he was wearing shortly after driving into the grounds of the police station in Solo, known as a hotbed for religious fundamentalism. A police officer who tried to stop him from entering sustained minor injuries.

The identity of the bomber was not immediately clear, but intelligence chief Sutiyoso told MetroTV he suspected the attacker was a supporter of Islamic State.

The radical group claimed its first attack in Indonesia last January, in the capital Jakarta, that killed four people. The four attackers also died.

Indonesia saw a spate of attacks in the 2000s, the deadliest of which was a nightclub bombing on the holiday island of Bali that killed 202 people, most of them tourists.

Police have been largely successful in destroying domestic militant cells since then, but they now worry that the influence of Islamic State could pitch the country back into violence.

Southeast Asian militants who claim to be fighting for Islamic State in the Middle East have said they have chosen one of the most wanted men in the Philippines to head a regional faction of the ultra-radical group that includes Indonesians and Malaysians, security officials said last month.

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  • Source: Pulse

​Terror Alert, DSS warns of attacks during Eid-el-Fitr

The Department of State Services (DSS) has warned that terrorists are planning to attack some locations in the country during Eid-el-Fitr.

The security agency also stated that the attackers are planning to hit public places where people gather, such as parks and places of worship.

The DSS also warned people to stay away from crowded places and be cautions of strange packages lying around.

The agency’s spokesman, Tony Opuiyo, announced that 14 suspected kidnappers and some members of the

Niger Delta Avengers were arrested.

The militant group debunked claims by the Department of State Services (DSS) » that its members were arrested.

They also dared the security agency to parade the alleged militants before the press, and allow the boys tell their own story.

​Istanbul Airport Attacks, Clinton, Trump express shock at Turkey’s airport bombing

Speaking on the attack on Turkey, Clinton said, “Terrorists have struck again in the heart of one of our NATO allies.”

The US presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton » and Donald Trump » have reacted to the suicide bombings at

Turkey’s largest airport » .

According to a report by UK Independent Newspaper, two explosions took the lives of at least 36 people and wounded 147 others at the Turkish largest international airport.

The report further revealed that the death count is expected to reach 50 victims.

Speaking on the attack on Turkey, Clinton said, “ Terrorists have struck again in the heart of one of our NATO allies. ”

Continuing, she said, ‘ Today’s attack in Istanbul only strengthens our resolve to defeat the forces of terrorism and radical jihadism around the world. And it reminds us that the United States cannot retreat. We must deepen our cooperation with our allies and partners in the Middle East and Europe to take on this threat. ‘

On his part, Trump offered prayers with the families and victims involved in the attack saying “ The whole world is stunned and horrified .”

‘The terrorist threat has never been greater. Our enemies are brutal and ruthless and will do anything to murder those who do not bend to their will. We must take steps now to protect America from terrorists, and do everything in our power to improve our security to keep America safe ,’ he said further.

She continued by offering her thoughts and prayers with the victims and families involved as well as all Turkish people.

The attacks on Istanbul is coming six months after deadly attacks allegedly carried out by members of ISIS on Turkey on January 11, 2016.

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  • Source:  Pulse

Father watches as Leopard attacks and drags his 6 year old son away


A six year old boy, Kellan Denny, who was playing with his eight year old brother at Kruger National Park, a South African game reserve, was snatched up by a Leopard and carried away while their father watched.
His father said he watched in horror as his son was dragged for 30 metres by the Leopard after having sunk its razor sharp jaws into his son’s shoulder. He said he ran after the Leopard shouting and yelling for it to put his son down. Fortunately and by God’s grace, the leopard dropped the boy allowing his father to pick him up and carry him to safety.
Justin Denny, the boy’s father told the local Cape Argus newspaper that his sons were running laps along a low wall unbeknownst to them, the leopard was nearby hunting.
He said:
“He wanted to go back and do another lap. “When he went back to the wall, that is when the leopard attacked.” “I ran after the leopard shouting: “No, no, no this can’t be happening.”
He added:
“By the grace of God, it dropped him.” “I picked him up and rushed him back to the rondavel. A neighbour arrived with his wife who is a nurse.” The reserve’s management called for a doctor who raced to the boy to give him treatment.
The boy is said to be “quite traumatised” but recovering well at home with his family
The manager of the camp, who asked not to be named confirmed that the leopard was male, he made the determination from the bitemarks on the boy’s arm.
Kellan was then taken to a hospital where he received stitches, was given a tetanus injection and administered antibiotics.
Source: Cape Argus newspaper

Herdsmen Attacks: Northern senators warn govs, other leaders from making inflammatory statements


The Northern Senators caucus in the Senate have called for caution in attributing the attacks carried out by some herdsmen as attacks carried out by Fulani herdsmen. Rising from a meeting in Abuja yesterday May 4th, the group described as unfortunate the general attribution of these attacks to a particular tribe in the North.
Speaking to journalists after the meeting, Chairman, Northern Senators’ Forum, Senator Abdullahi Adamu said the call for caution against making inflammatory statements includes Governors. He said we will not have a country if herdsmen are asked to leave every community
“It is for all Nigerians. A governor is a community leader. The only difference is that he has a label called governor. If you don’t mind, in recent times, it started with the West when elder statesman, Chief Olu Falae, had some very nasty experience. It was attributed at the time to Fulani herdsmen. At the end, those people were apprehended and they were not Fulanis. This thing has been going on in virtually all parts of the country today. If we now say that everybody should rise and say herdsmen should leave, we will not have a country.”he said

Buhari reacts to recent attacks by suspected Fulani herdsmen


President Buhari has reacted to the recent attacks carried out by suspected Fulani herdsmen in some parts of the country. Speaking through his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Shehu Garba, Buhari condemned the terror attacks. He is scheduled to meet with Enugu state governor later today for further briefing on the attack that happened in the state
on Monday. See more tweets from Garba after the cut..
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500 ISIS terrorists reportedly deployed across Europe to cause next set of attacks


Terrorist group ISIS has reportedly trained 500 terrorists and sent them into Europe disguising as refugees to cause maximum damage and terror on the European continent, according to reports from the Associated Press.

The world is still getting to grips with the shock from the Paris terror attack and most recently the Belgium airport attack. Attacks which ISIS have claimed responsibility for, but with this new tactic employed by the group, Europe is in for more shock and grief if the reports are true.

AP reports,
“After fleeing Paris immediately after the November attacks, Abdeslam forged a new network back in his childhood neighborhood of Molenbeek, long known as a haven for jihadis, and renewed plotting, according to Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders.” “Not only did he drop out of sight, but he did so to organize another attack, with accomplices everywhere. With suicide belts. Two attacks organized just like in Paris. And his arrest, since they knew he was going to talk, it was a response: So what if he was arrested? ‘We’ll show you that it doesn’t change a thing,”’ said French Senator Nathalie Goulet, co-head of a commission tracking jihadi networks.
“The reality is that if we knew exactly how many there were, it wouldn’t be happening.” It is true ISIS is losing territory and influence the Syria and the Middle East, due to coalition operations and Russian airstrikes, but the group has metastasized like a cancer into Western capitals which was always the long term goal to begin with. The feeble effort by the Obama administration to target the Islamic State, while it was in Syria and Iraq for two long years, gave the terrorist regime time to plan the infiltration of terrorists into Europe, along with the ground to train its fighters.
Now, even if ISIS is defeated and eradicated in the Levant, it doesn’t really matter. The damage has been done. The terror cells are in place to kill for decades to come. ISIS has also spread to Africa and other areas around the world to enable the training, recruitment and planning to continue.
Source: AFP/ WashingtonTimes

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