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Hi Damsels!

When you are testing the fashion waters, it could be kinda tricky. This causes many women to panic, but rather than panic, it is best to first pull apart your closet, and splurge on a brand-new ensemble. It has been said that actions speak louder than words. Rather than keep saying “I will” endlessly, simply key into getting a particular task done quickly, as procrastination has been known to be the thief of time.

On the other hand, you may have had that unexpected August visitor in house this time, and then you are required to quickly pull off a beautiful outfit either to hang out with him or her, or you just feel like nailing it real good on the street this time. In all, you should try leaving anxiety or panic out of this, as it will definitely ensure that you look your best on the street. Well, call it street style , or casual outfit, the fact still remains that you’ll turn heads as you walk. This is why you have your favourite fashion bloggers who inspire you on a quick fix online; outfit inspiration. If you are seeking something creative for the streets, there are a few ideas ahead, helping you nail the distinct style from conservative to slightly trendy, that comes with each industry. Here are the killer outfits plus-size beauties can rock on the street;

1. Monochrome gown:

Monochrome gown

2. Pencil skirt + top:

Pencil Skirt

3. Off-the-shoulder gown:

Off-the-shoulder gown

4. Flare gown:

Flare gown

5. Knitted jacket + bodycon gown:

Knitted jacket

6. Bodycon dress:

Bodycon dress

7. Coat + pencil skirt and camisole:


As it has always been with that very stylish chic, heads will turn when you step out. Rock your killer outfits proudly now!

By Abiriga John Angwe


Hey Lovelies

We all want a little something when we are heading out- and see there that term “a little something” is what we are going to be emphasizing on in this post. For me slapping up highlighter, adding mascara, using a kajal is about the most natural type of makeup I like however am not here to talk about me;

Unlike me, there are many people who deal with skin blemishes and they need to cover them up but then they don’t want to go all out using a contour palette or over-using products on their face. This set of people are who we are focusing on today because you see, you could use a handful of products on your face and still look like your natural self (only an enhanced version).

The natural vibe everyday makeup tutorial is one of the most searched on YouTube and this is because people want to look great but with a natural hint. Talking wouldn’t help you achieve what you want so am going to let you go into the video already but first this is what you need;

Prep my Face:

1. Mac prep and prime


1. Tatrlette palette in Bloom- ACTIVIST shade for brows.

2. La Girl Pro Concealer In chesnut and fawn mixed up to clean up.

Eyes/Eye-shadow Assurance:

1. ABH Modern Ren. Palette.

2. Lashes are from LA COLORS.

3. NYX Liquid liner.

4. False Lash Drama mascara from covergirl.


1.Nyx total drop foundation in 19 mocha

2. Makeup Forever matte primer- my t zone, IM VERY OILY.

3. La girl pro concealer in Chestnut and Fawn.

4. Black opal deluxe finishing to set my highlight.

5. Mac Deep dark power to set face –

6. Blush and Highlight from IMAN Cosmetics.


1. Man cosmetics brow cocoa liner.

2. Nyx nude gloss.

3. fawn concealer in the middle

Set Face:

1. Skindinavia

Watch You-Tuber Princess Bellaaa teach you how to achieve a natural vibe everyday makeup tutorial


By nina is a bitch

8 healthy skin habits that every lady in her 20s need to establish

Many of us are guilty of skin care mistakes that could spell doom. Of those many of us are guilty of include failing to wash out makeup before bed or skipping sunscreen in our routine.

While you may be young and wrinkle free now, taking proper care of your skin at a young age is what will ensure that you stay wrinkle free even as you get older.

Rather than struggle to have to have flawless skin later in life, it is best to incorporate proper skin care habits as early as your 20s. Simply put, you take care of your skin and it will take care of you.

Here are eight healthy habits that you need in your life for younger skin in the years to come.

1. Simplify your routine

Sometimes we tend to go overboard with our skin care products in our quest for flawless skin. Having a lot of products in your cabinet however does not guarantee better skin. Instead, stick to a few products that actually work for you. Using too many different products means that you are mixing up too many chemicals, fragrances and ingredients which is not the best thing for your skin. A product takes about six weeks before you can start seeing results so give it time to work before you go buy another one.

2. Cleanse correctly

Invest in a good cleanser that cleans your face without taking away your skin’s natural oils. A good cleanser should be of neutral pH, gentle and a non-soap. When washing your face, rub it in circular motions so as to encourage blood flow leaving you with a healthy glow.

3. Use a mild exfoliant

Since we shed about 50 million skin cells per day, it is important to scrub them away by exfoliating. Stay away from face scrubs that are too abrasive as they cause your face to discolor or even cause scarring. Pick a mild, inexpensive product from your local beauty shop and exfoliate about two times a week.

4. Moisturize

Moisturizing is a critical part of keeping your skin young. Just because you have oily skin does not mean you should skip your moisturizer. Instead, get a light lotion or a serum and skip the heavy cream-based ones. For normal or dry skin, get a facial oil or cream.

5. Cover up

The sun is not very kind to your skin and 90 percent of aging is triggered by unprotected exposure to the sun. Frequent tanning can also cause you to have a deadly skin cancer known as melanoma. This means that you need to cover up your skin in sunscreen and not just at the beach or pool, but everywhere else. To simplify your skin care routine, invest in a moisturizer that has at least an SPF of 30.

6. Stop picking

Popping your pimples can actually get addictive and hard stop but it is one really unhealthy habit for your skin. It can lead to scarring, dark marks and even red marks on your face. Popping your pimples can also lead to epidermal inclusion cysts, a condition where you get round lumps on the skin that might need surgical removal.

7. Catch more sleep

One of the causes of accelerated aging is lack of sufficient sleep. While you are taking care of your body on the outside, you also have to allow it to work from the inside out. Maximizing your sleep gives your skin a chance to recover from all the sun damage on your skin.

8. Eat more whole foods

The skin is the largest organ in your body and what you eat will definitely reflect on your skin. It is important to consume Omega-3 as they will reduce the inflammatory chemicals that cause your skin and heart to age. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids include flaxseed oil, nuts, hemp oil, tuna and salmon. It is also important to reduce your intake of processed foods which can lead to breakouts.

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A character is a quality or feature a human posses which makes you different from others.
Beauty is the quality of being pleasing to the sense or the mind.

Your character is your personality, it’s who you are, your character is what distinguished you from others, your character is what takes you to place where others can’t go, your character is your visa to your success in life, your character is your beauty, looking good outside and having a mess_up inside just prove that you are doom.

Take time in beautifying your character as the definition of beauty said, quality of being pleasing to the sense. let your character be pleasing.

Take the same time you use in beautifying your face to beautify your character.

Have a positive thinking towards your character cos it gives you either good or bad name.

Sit down and think who you are and what you posses as a character if it will you up to the sky.

Don’t forget that your character is the beauty of your life.

Enjoy your life with a beautiful CHARACTER.


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The beauty of Israel is MILITARY MIGHT
The beauty of Biafra is TECHNOLOGY
The beauty of China is TECHNOLOGY
The beauty of India is PHARMACY
The beauty of Ghana is GOLD
The beauty of Britain is EDUCATION
The beauty of South Africa is DIAMOND
The beauty of Lebanon is CEDAR
The beauty of Malaysia is PALM OIL
The beauty of Saudi Arabia is TRADE
The beauty of Kuwait is CRUDE OIL
The beauty of United States is AUTHORITY
The beauty of Japan is AUTOMOBILE
The beauty of Italy is TEXTILE
The beauty of Czech is STEEL
The beauty of Germany is MACHINERY
The beauty of Argentina is BEEF
The beauty of Indonesia is WEARS
The beauty of Iraq is AMMUNITION
Please what is the beauty if Nigeria?

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