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I know some pastor’s may fight me

If you wanna know why some pastors may fight me please read Deuteronomy chapter 26 verse 12..

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Offering of the Tithe according to KJV

Article written by Ikem Samuel

This issue have cause problem around the world today, mostly is Nigeria where owner of church tells you that you must pay tithe in his or there church, while most of the church don’t assists some of there members, there members will suffer to earn money and pay tithe to the church and the pastor will us the money to buy luxury cars while those tithes donators are passing through hell to earn money daily.

I Added.

Instead of i to suffer and earn a little money daily and i will pay my tithe to those pastors that own an (Airborne/Helicopter) or Luxury Cars, I humbly pay or donate unto those Le’vite, the Stranger, the Fatherless/the motherless and the Widow..

Reference: Deuteronomy Chapter 26 vs 12 to 15.

  • When thou hast made an end of tithing all the tithes of thine increase the third year, which is the year of tithing, and hast given it unto the Le’vite, the Stranger, the Fatherless, and the Widow, that they may eat within thy gates, and be filled;
  • Then thou shalt say before the Lord thy God, I have brought away the hallowed things out of mine house, and also have given them unto the Le’vite, and the Stranger, to the Fatherless, and to the Widow, according to all thy commandments which thou hast commanded me: I have not transgressed thy commandments, neither have i forgetton them: 
  • I have not eaten thereof in my mourning, neither have i taken away ought thereof for any unclean use, nor given ought thereof for the dead: but i have hearkened to the voice of the LORD my God, and have done according to all that thou hast commanded me.
  • Look down from thy holy habitation, from heaven, and bless thy people Is’-ra-el, and the land which thou hast given us, as thou swarest unto our fathers, a land that floweth with milk and honey.

I know some of the pastors and members will fight this my article because i speak such, but am not afraid of any human being except Almighty Living God that i fear, and nobody will fight me because the Holy Bible is my Reference.

So please donate to the Poor, the Fatherless and to the Beggers at the streets or gate..

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​The World will end on 24 June, according to Bible passage

We’ve all been told that the end of the world is nigh pretty much since the beginning of time, but one conspiracy theorist reckons that the doomsday vibes will actually be interfering with our frolicking on the beach and ice-cream eating this summer. Is that a massive nuisance or WHAT?
While different people take their ‘proof’ from a variety of places when it comes to calculating our supposed doom, Mathieu Jean-Marc Joseph Rodrigue is keeping it ultra classic with the use of The Bible.

He believes that there’s one particular passage in the Book of Revelations that marks the date of our armageddon as 24 June 2018.

Are you ready for it? The passage is: “He was given authority to act for 42 months.”

Oh. Yeah, we were also waiting for excellently dramatic doomsday lingo like ‘nuclear’, ‘apocalypse’ or ‘zombies’.

Rodrigue, however, believes that this passage from Revelations is indicative of our impending doom.

Apparently if you add the number in the passage to the crop harvest and price in the book, it gives us the date of our last day on Earth. It’s okay, we’re lost, too.

“I heard a voice in the middle of the four living beings. This is wisdom,” Rodrigue said, reports the Daily Star .

“He who has intelligence can interpret the figure of the beast. It represents the name of a man. His figure is 666.”

To calculate the date of the apocalypse, Rodrigue took the 666 figure (a classic signifier of bad things) and adds it to his earlier calculations, with those 42 months. Then, when they’re all added together, Rodrigue claims that it points towards the world ending on 24 June 2018.

Of course, he’s not specifically told us how it’s going to happen, which isn’t particularly helpful.


Conspiracy theories about the world ending are always cropping up – including last year’s big one, which involved amateur stargazer and Christian numerologist David Meade. He predicted that the world would end in September, based on analysis of Bible verses and the positions of the stars and planets, claiming that proof lies in the Old Testament – the Book of Isaiah, Chapter 13, verses nine to 10, specifically.

Then there was all that Mayan business a few years back in 2012, when we thought the world would end because the long-count calendar reached the end of a cycle on 21 December 2012. And let’s not forget the ol’ Large Hadron Collider debacle.

Well, we survived all those ones, so fingers crossed that nothing interrupts our summertime fun this time round… Just make sure you’ve got air con in your underground bunker, yeah?

Source: ladbible.com

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Five (5) Bible verses about alcohol Consumption

Find out what the Bible has to say about alcohol consumption, through the following verses.

The consumption of alcohol has always been a big deal in the Church.

Some people that it is sin as it leads to drunkenness, something the Bible frowns upon and then, there is the opposing team.

This second group justify drinking by saying that Jesus Christ condoned it because He turned water to wine.

I think the only way to solve this by going back to the blueprint, the Word of God.

Here are five things the Bible says about drinking.

1. Romans 14:21 – “It is good neither to eat flesh, nor to “to drink wine, nor anything whereby thy brother stumbleth, or is offended, or is made weak.”

2. Proverbs 20:1 – “Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.”

3. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10; “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, 10 Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor DRUNKARDS, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.”

4. Romans 13:13 – “Let us walk honestly, as in the day; not in rioting (drunken partying) and drunkenness (general drunken-ness)…”

5. Ephesians 5:18 — “And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit;”

FROM MY RELIGIOUS DESK! Bible Emergency numbers:


(Emmanuel-God Is With You)

☎📞When in sorrow, call John 14
☎📞When men fail you, call Psalm 27
☎📞When you have sinned, call Psalm 51
☎📞When you worry, call Matthew 6:19-34
☎📞In danger, Psalm 91
☎📞When God seems far away, call Psalm 139
☎📞When your faith needs stirring, call Hebrews 11
☎📞When you are lonely and fearful, call Psalm 23
☎📞When you grow bitter and critical, call 1 Cor 13
☎📞You feel down and out, call Romans 8:31-39
☎📞You want peace and rest, Matthew 11:25-30
☎📞When the world seems bigger than God, call Psalm 90
☎📞When you want Christian assurance, call Romans 8:1-30
☎📞When you leave home for labor or travel, call Psalm 121
☎📞When your prayers grow narrow or selfish, call Psalm 67


☎📞When you want courage for a task, call Joshua 1
☎📞When you think of investments/ returns, call Mark 10
☎📞How to get along with fellowmen, Romans 12
☎📞For great invention/ opportunity, Isaiah 55
☎📞For Paul’s secret to happiness, Col 3:12-17
☎📞For idea of Chrisitanity,call 2 Cor 5:15-19
☎📞Depressed. Psalm 27
☎📞To be fruitful, John 15
☎📞If your pocketbook is empty, call Psalm 37
☎📞Losing confidence in people, 1 Cor 13
☎📞If people seem unkind,call John 15
☎📞If discouraged about your work, Psalm 126
☎📞If you find the world growing small and you great, call Psalm 19.

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Vincent Enyeama responds to fans about his old bible



Vincent Enyeama shared this lovely photo with
his wife with an Easter message to his fans.
Some fans ignored the message and instead
left comments on how old his bible looked
compared to everything else that was new in
the photo. He responded to the fans. Read the
comments after the cut….


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