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Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infection is an infection on the urinary system. It is caused by bacteria entering and multiplying in the urinary structure.

Symptom Of Urinary Tract Infection
Some Of the Symptoms Of Urinary Tract Infections

Include: Pain when urinating, Cloudy Urine, Blood signs in the urine, Sticking urine, Pain and pelvic pain..


Ingredients: Unripe Paw Paw, Garlic, Water, Corn Silk.

Preparation: Mix Unripe Paw Paw with Garlic and Water, And leave it for three days to ferment.

Dosage: Take One (1) Cup, Three (3) times daily..

Alternative: Alternative, Boil corn silk and drink as tea two (2) times daily..


How Hard Is it to Be Truly in Love?

We all want it, but some of us run from it. Not the chemistry or the attraction. I’m talking about the ability for “ease,” which happens when we get one another. There’s no threat, no weird jealousy, just a willingness and understanding that exists naturally.

It doesn’t mean falling in love is all gumdrops and lollipops; it means there’s a common ground at the base of the relationship. It’s not about forcing our agenda. We have some control over how open or closed we are to others and their way; we also decide how open we are to real love. We may meet someone and have that ease but may not know what to do with it, so we keep looking for what we know, a partnership that is a battle for control.
The battles begin, with lines drawn in the sand, and then the nitpicking comes, while each side hopes the other will finally get it. It’s a struggle and it ain’t about love! Why do people walk away from ease , and go with someone who is not quite a fit? Usually, there’s unfamiliarity of what feels good, so they look for what feels bad, and someone who is less emotionally available and disagreeable to who they are… so they don’t have to be vulnerable either.
Emotional needs are not met and resentment grows. I talk to people all the time who are not on the same page, as their mates. Lifestyle and life views are in opposition. And when one partner makes a choice for his or herself, they feel guilt with their actions and their partner is upset. Where there’s a fight for control, we may look for permission to do what we want. We may get approval, but with conditions and the feeling that our partner believes we’re wasting time, and they don’t respect what we’re doing for our own happiness.

When someone sees his or herself as the parent, and perhaps the partner does too, it brings painful challenges and a great deal of suffering. No one should be giving us permission, or in the position of power to guilt trip us into doing their bidding, or vice versa. The ease , in which acceptance and support are naturally there, is missing. And to some degree, our own self-acceptance and support for our lives is missing too.

If we don’t want to be vulnerable, we don’t get ease and true partnership. Instead, we’re choosing a mate based on distraction, limitation and anything to keep us from the vulnerability that ease brings with it. Unknowingly, many of us base this on our early childhood experiences, believing relationships are just tough! We may believe fighting and controlling behavior are the norm. Who wants to admit to themselves that they’re settling for less based on self-worth? Falling in love with someone where it feels safe, easy and fun makes us head for the hills if we’re still looking to heal childhood stuff. We want the one who will punish us and not rescue us from old wounds.
It’s sort of an oxymoron. We purposely seek this dynamic, because it mimics an old dynamic. Look at who rained on our parade as a child, it’s a clue as to why we’re still trying to fix it. We try to recreate it and win this time. Except we don’t, we lose again… and each time it gets harder. We need to have this anchor wrapped around our leg–this mate who weighs down our can-do positive feelings with dismissing what we do as unnecessary or a challenge toward them. Why do we choose it, instead of someone who gets us? We purposely seek difficult when we’re unaware. We follow an unhealed need to burn in the flames of rejection and not having our needs met.
And in the case of someone who is truly open, accepting and loving toward us. We may feel unsure, because the heaviness is missing, as is the judgment. We can’t trust ourselves to go in this direction, we’re afraid we’ll be found out and abandoned by this supportive force in our lives. When we choose against ourselves, we choose against real love. To change this dynamic, we must practice awareness and taking action at the same time. If we’re in a relationship where love is really not there, and perhaps never was….then look at what the other person is wanting from us, we may see their insecurities, needs and suffering, more objectively. We also see how we mirror them.
If we’re single and say we want real love, then look for ease, someone who allows us to be ourselves, who we feel completely open and available to….and go for it! Even if the other person turns out to not be available (sometimes it takes a bit when we’ve been searching for impossible romances for so long) to find someone who is on the same page, in the same book. Relationships provide the potential for growth. Either we want to grow through hellfire, or we want to grow with someone who is simpatico to us and our needs. When there is an ease, an acceptance and support, it can actually help us to be kinder with ourselves and accomplish the dreams we seek.

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6 Telling Signs Someone Is Interested In You

Sometimes we are so caught up in our busy lives that we don’t stop and notice love. Love can be right across the room at work, or at the coffee shop making your latte. But, this busyness that we call Life masks everything around us until one day we take notice.



Whether it’s a cup of your favorite java, or a new play list for your IPOD, this person is trying to show you that he/she pays attention to what you like. When we begin to fall for someone we take notice of the small things. If someone is sharing your moments, laughter, coffee, and what is truly interesting in your life, this person is trying to win your heart. We are attracted to those who pay attention. We need to feel accepted and acknowledged.


Whether it is on social media, through a text, email, post-it notes, or face-to-face, this person says the nicest things to you. He/she cares about you and everything you do. To this person you are amazing. He/she feels that it must be expressed. Words are powerful tools for romancing and enticement. Words carry frequencies that raise us when used with love. If you find that someone is constantly expressing their admiration through praise, you must accept that the person is trying to win your heart. If you are honest with yourself, you might just be letting happen.


Whether it’s running hands through their hair, or wearing a constant smile, sometimes the body will give out hints that love is in the air. Dr. Albert Scheflen, author of Body Language and the Social Order, discovered that whenever a person enters the company of someone of the opposite sex, certain physiological changes happen. But, this doesn’t just happen in attractions of the opposite sex. When we are interested in someone our posture is better, we smile more, we make sure our clothes aren’t wrinkled and we carry ourselves with pride. We want to win over the person by physical attraction. We want to make sure they know we find them attractive.


In a study by the University of Chicago, researchers found that someone is attracted to you by the way they gaze into your eyes. Eyes tell all your secrets. You can’t hide your truth when you look into another person’s soul. Eye contact is a constant struggle in our society. We have a hard time looking into another. But, when it comes to courtship, or trying to get someone’s attention, eye contact comes naturally. You want to make sure you are being seen and heard. We flirt with our eyes. So if someone you know is really looking into yours, they are doing the best they can to get into your heart.


He/she wants to be part of these moments with you and will do anything to let you know it. If you like movies, he/she will be that person who shares your passion for them. Even when your interests aren’t of his or her liking they will find a way to make time for them. There is something magical about finding someone who likes what we like or who doesn’t judge us for our quirks. When someone is trying to win over your heart, they will find that sharing in your interests is the easiest way without the strain of sexual attraction hanging over you.


He not only hears you but he listens attentively. In today’s world full of chaos and distractions, listening has become a lost art. When someone is trying to get in your heart all those distractions are put away. The phone is turned down. The computer is off. You get undivided attention to hear. You know when someone is trying to get your attention when you are all that they want to listen to. It’s important to remember that we feel through our senses. Most relationships fail because we already know what the other will say before they speak. We stop listening. But, when someone is really into you, trying to get your undivided attention, they will do everything they can to hear every word you say. Later, they will remind you of when you said it too.

It’s rare that we ever fall for the person we are supposed to fall in love with. We have false expectations that don’t really align with our desires. When you find that one person who is a friend, or a stranger, and conveys the sweetest messages, give yourself permission to open your heart and let it show you true love. It sometimes happens with the most unexpected person.

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Finding Love Is Easy. Not Getting Jaded In The Process Is Hard

Give him a fair shot without punishing him for the faults of everyone who came before.

As much as I loathe clichés, there’s a lot of truth in the one about kissing a bunch of frogs before you meet your prince. This isn’t to say you’re going to date a lot of losers or general trash; most of us date a few wonderful people who just aren’t ultimately an ideal mate for us in the long run.

But whether you’ve dated a series of bargain basement f*ckboys or a lineup of guys worth their salt (or, like most of us, a combination of both), it’s easy to let the defeat of “failed” relationships weigh heavy on your spirit and turn you into someone cynical.

I put “failed” in quotations for a reason, by the way. Here’s the thing, and I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but I’d like to remind you: There’s no such thing as a failed relationship.

Oh, the majority of romances don’t work out, obviously. However, that doesn’t at all mean that they “failed.” Failure implies that you went into the situation with the expectation of a certain outcome, which is a mistake we have to stop making if we’re going to be happy.

As one of my lovers told me while we were breaking up when our life paths inevitably divided, ” Something doesn’t have to last a long time for it to be special.” That’s absolutely true.

Relationships that end in Hindenburg -sized disaster aren’t “failures”; they’re just lessons. Don’t roll your eyes! I know it’s a cliché, but it’s true.

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The magical thing about really god-awful relationships finally coming to an end is the transformation in you based on what you’ve learned about what you will and will not tolerate ever again. If you’re like me, you’ve tried to resuscitate a long-dead romance for far longer than you’re proud to admit, and the second you were free of it, you never again spent a second wasting time on anyone else who presented the same problems.

The trick is to leave your anger about that relationship at the door . That’s easier said than done because after experiencing a bunch of partners presenting you with the same exact brand of bullsh*t, it’s very easy to put up your guard when the next suitor comes along, because you’ve come to expect it. And, to be fair, it’s not completely wrong to put up a bit of a defense at first; things are scary out there and getting to know and trust someone is not an easy task.

Take precautions if you’re not comfortable at first, and preserve what you need to until you’re ready to share all of yourself. However, once you let someone new into your life, it’s important to give that person a fair shot without punishing him for the faults of everyone who came before him.

Honestly, a humongous majority of people out there aren’t a match for you, but there are enough viable options for you to find real, enduring, comfortable love with someone perfect… if you give him a chance to prove it to you. It’s up to you to give him the fair chance and purest, most open form of yourself that you both deserve.

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By Nana Tuffuor

20 Things You Haven’t Thanked Your Man For (But You Really Should)

We promise we’re worth all the trouble.

Significant others are constantly putting up with all of our ridiculous day-to-day quirks. Admit it: you can be a lot to handle sometimes, and if he’s put up with your random outbursts, obnoxious singing, and awful cooking for this long? He’s probably a diamond in the rough.

There’s so many times you may have let “thank you” escape your mind and I know it can never be said enough. If you’ve ever let your bae go unrecognized, take a couple minutes and send them this article. We’ve got all the bases covered. Here’s 20 things you should probably thank your boyfriend for .

1. Putting up with non-explanatory tears

Sometimes girls just cry, and we don’t always know why . Thanks for being the stable one, never passing judgement, and loving me when I’m not-so-lovable.

2. Taking countless selfies with me (and taking countless photos of me and my friends) giphy

Sometimes the lighting isn’t great, our arms take unflattering poses, and for some reason my eyes are always closed. You’re the real MVP for patiently taking pre-bar pictures until we find one truly Instagram-worthy.

3. Agreeing that so-and-so is annoying as sh*t

Because, well, she is. Thanks for taking my side and being my biggest advocate .

4. Petting my head and playing with my hair

I’m quite aware that I probably should’ve been born a cat because of the amount I love my hair to be played with. Thank you to the boyfriends who know just how to stop stress or anxiety before it starts, with a good old head stroke.

5. Giving me space and letting me pursue my dreams

I can confidently say that you never try to stop me from pursuing an opportunity whether it was near or far. Time with you is my favorite way to spend it, but you let me do my own thing and that’s important to me.

6. Obnoxiously singing along to the radio with me (giphy)

I can’t help but belt out every lyric when Arkells come on the radio, and I thought I was the only one … until we took a road trip together. Thank you for having a music taste almost as indie as mine.

7. Never pressuring me

This one’s a biggie. Thank you for being understanding toward my limits and for letting our relationship move at a pace I’m comfortable with . Thank you for being a true gentleman.

8. Dealing with a mouthful of hair whenever we spoon

It’s safe to say I’m the Rapunzel of redheads, and I can’t be the only chick out there with some long locks that tend to have a mind of their own. Thanks for understanding the many sacrifices that must be faced when maintaining a long-haired look.

9. Paying for dates (but letting me pay sometimes, too) mtv

Chivalry isn’t dead, but that doesn’t mean I won’t fight you over the bill sometimes. You treat me well; thank you for all the dates you’ve paid for. But more importantly, thanks for putting your pride aside and letting me treat you, too.

10. Never hiding your phone or giving me any reasons to care

You keep your read receipts on and don’t have a password lock. Thank you for trusting me, being honest and never giving me any reasons not to trust you in return.

11. Acknowledging how soft my legs are after I shave them

Every girl knows the struggle of having to maintain smooth legs in the summertime, and it’s nice to have someone notice. Thanks for keeping up with the small stuff.

12. Seeing my side of the story

You’re not one to jump to conclusions, and I really value how you see all perspectives before jumping into an argument. A lot of the time, I’m overreacting but I’m too emotionally invested to see it. You pick your battles and aren’t afraid to apologize when it’s due.

13. Eating delicious, disgusting, and unhealthy food with me tumblr

You never judge my order, and aren’t afraid to #treatyoself to some greasy goodness once and awhile. Large chocolate shake? Two straws, please.

14. Never letting me do anything stupid, alone

Whether it’s sneaking booze into concerts with me in the most questionable ways, or sharing the “pitcher of poison” I was expected to drink at a club initiation, you’re my partner in crime and there’s nobody better fit for the job.

15. Introducing me to your friends

Thanks for sharing your friends, and being cool when they became my friends, too. Good peeps makes for good vibes all around.

16. Holding my hair when I’ve had too much to drink

You’re always there to take care of me when I’ve hit my limit and I know it may go without recognition right away, so thank you for carrying me home. Even if I don’t really remember it.

17. Putting two sugars in my coffee when I asked for one bestanimations

You’re always sweetening up my day, and you know that when I say one sugar I’m secretly wishing it were two.

18. Saying you appreciate me

There are so many more important things to say than “I love you” and this is one of them. Thank you for not only appreciating the things I do but letting me know you appreciate me .

19. Getting up and turning off the lights when we’re both already under the covers

You make those daily sacrifices and escape from the cozy covers to turn out the lights. Thank you for being my everyday hero.

20. Reading this article all the way to the end

Just because I sent it to you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all the hubbies dating a Gen-Y sweetheart. Although we can be crazy and not always at our prime, we promise we’re worth all the trouble.

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Simple lip care tips everyone needs to know

Healthy lips are a sign of a healthy person and no matter how much lipstick you apply, so long as your lips are not healthy it will still show. And let’s face it, chapped lips are a big no-no.

Because the skin on our lips is much thinner than any other part on the body, it is more prone to cracking and chapping. It is thus important to practice good care for our lips to achieve soft lips that not only look good but work well with your lipstick.

Here are eight simple lip care tips that you need in your life for a perfect pout

Have a healthy diet plan

The type of diet you have will reflect directly on the condition of your lips. Having a good diet with vitamins and other nutrients is essential for beautiful healthy lips.

Stay hydrated

Your lips need to stay hydrated from the inside so as to look good on the outside which means drinking lots of water.

Do not lick or touch your lips

Lips do not have a natural protectant on them so each time you touch them you are getting them infected with bacteria. While licking your lips may feel like you are helping moisturize them, it is actually harmful. When the saliva evaporates it leaves the lips even drier. The enzymes in saliva are also too harsh on the delicate lips.

Massage your lips

Massaging your lips for about five minutes every day will help increase blood circulation to the lips. Use some nourishing oils to do this. Good blood circulation means that the lips will get the nutrients that they need.

Hydrate your lips overnight

It is easy to tell when your lips are dry when you are awake but you cannot tell this when you are asleep. Because the air around us dries up our lips when we are sleeping, it is important to apply either petroleum jelly or a hydrating lip cream before you sleep. For natural options you can use ghee, raw milk or even cream.

Scrub your lips

It is important to scrub your lips so as to remove the dead skin cells and avoid any lip infections. For this you can use a mild scrub for lips that you can buy at a beauty shop. Alternatively you can make your own by using some sugar and honey.

Use lipstick when going out

This will come as a shocker but lipsticks are actually good for your lips. Applying some before you step out will help protect them from the sun, dirt, dry air and other factors.

Always remove makeup

Before you sleep, ensure to always remove all traces of makeup from your lips. Do this using a damp cotton ball to wipe them clean. This will enable your lips to breathe.

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Stupid things you should never do for your partner

Night Reading

Everything is going right, you love them they love you back and you couldn’t ask for anything else. Typical in many relationships, you turn a blind eye to the red flags because they treat you right and you would rather die than go back to the dating pool.

Well, that is until your partner starts making strange requests and your psycho detecting radar goes off. To be sure, here are 5 things you should never do for your spouse no matter what. If he or she can’t take you as you are, seek other options to convince them otherwise or better still, call it quits before things get out of hand.

Alter your look-If your partner keeps nagging you about how you look to the point of comparing and belittling you, it is time you took action and stood up for yourself. So long as you are happy with how you look, no one should convince you to change that. It is natural to want our partners to find us attractive but giving them the upper hand to control how you look is a big no-no. If they don’t like it they should leave you for someone else who will accept you as you are. Never undergo the knife or sign up for a rigorous exercise plan just to please your partner.

Cut your loved ones-Call a spade a spade, jealousy and being overprotective are not cute. These are warning signs he or she is too controlling. If your spouse finds fault and doesn’t like your family, friends, co-workers and other people in your life, you need to take a step back and evaluate. Anyone who tries to alienate you from those you love is setting you up for a fall. Run before it is too late.

Uncomfortable bedroom requests-If you are both into trying new things and pushing boundaries than by all means explore. As an adult, chances are you already know what turns you on and what doesn’t. If your partner insists on doing certain things for his or her own personal sexual gratification while infringing on your sexual boundaries, this could be abuse. Do not allow anyone to physically hurt or make you feel uncomfortable when you should be enjoying this intimate moment. If you can’t do it, don’t do it. And don’t let your partner use this as a basis to cheat. If a mutual understanding can’t be reached, seek other alternatives such as counseling to iron things out.

Make you do what you don’t want-Everyone has that thing they swear or know for sure they wouldn’t do either out of fear, past trauma, beliefs, experiences etc. That said, your partner should never push you to break what you feel strongly about. He or she never force, coerce or bully you into giving in. If they continue to prod and insist, this could be moving to emotional abuse. No one should make you do anything you don’t want to especially if you were clear you do not want to do it.

Give up your privacy-Outside your family, work, and partner, you are an individual with a life to live. Do not ever fall into the trap that he or she loves you so much that is why they have all your email passwords, bank account pins and everything else you have. This is a very serious warning sign that could lead to emotional and physical abuse. Your partner should never hack or forcibly have your very personal details unless it is out of your own will and it applies both ways.

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