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The Top 5 Relationship Problems You Have, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

We’ve all got ’em.

Relationship problems are like opinions: everyone seems to have a lot of them. You’d think that when you finally found someone you wanted to be with and they wanted to be with you that the hard part would be over, but the reality is, that’s when the real challenges and work begin .

We all have different ideas of how we want our relationships; some come from the relationships we witnessed growing up. If your parents had a strong relationship, you may want to create some of the things that you felt worked. Maybe you have some relatives who had volatile relationships and you subconsciously decide that you won’t do what they do; you’ll do the complete opposite.

While you may have certain ideas about relationships and your partner may have completely opposite ways of looking at them. You then must work to be on the same page and speak the same relationship language.

Now, throughout the entire span of your relationship, both you and your partner are going to grow and change . Sometimes these changes work well together but other times you can grow apart, and then you have a whole new set of relationship problems.

Communication is key to having a successful relationship. If you can’t listen to what your partner says (both with verbal language and body language), how can you expect to be heard yourself?

We all have our own cocktail of personality characteristics and some of them can be difficult to live with. Do you change just so you won’t annoy your partner and put extra stress on the relationship, or do you refuse and hope that it doesn’t morph into an issue of conflict?

While there are issues with every couple, here are the 5 most common relationship problems for each zodiac sign . ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

1. You make decisions without consulting your partner.

2. You don’t understand when they can’t keep up with you or don’t want to participate in something that you’re doing.

3. You make everything a competition.

4. You sometimes have difficulty taking “no” for an answer.

5. You do something risky that has negative consequences for you and your partner.

6. You’re rigid and like things your way.

7. You’re argumentative and will refuse to see things from the other person’s point of view.

8. You’ll overspend on pretty things and then get defensive when called out on it.

9. You get pouty if you’re not getting what you need in the bedroom.

10. You can be judgmental of your partner but will keep it to yourself so they don’t know what they’re being judged for.

11. You always wonder if you could do better than your partner.

12. You’re moody but not always forthcoming with what’s bothering you.

13. You promise to do something for your partner and forget.

14. You procrastinate to such an extent that things never get finished.

15. You get bored in your relationship.

16. You need constant attention.

17. You can get too clingy and possessive.

18. You change moods rapidly and it’s difficult for your partner to keep up.

19. You can be touchy so your partner doesn’t know what’s going to set you off.

20. You’re convinced your partner will leave you so you tend to dump them before they dump you.

21. It’s extremely important that your relationship looks good to others.

22. You can be very bossy and controlling with your partner.

23. You flirt a little too much and too hard for your partner’s liking.

24. You sometimes talk down to your partner.

25. You interfere with other people’s lives where you have no business doing so.

26. You insist on doing everything and then resent the fact that you’re doing everything.

27. You think that you’re always right and will refuse to admit when you’re wrong.

28. You worry about everything.

29. You tend to like things that are more traditional and have a difficult time accepting when your partner doesn’t fall in line.

30. You nitpick and are hypercritical of your partner and yourself.

31. Rather than express how you feel, you hold it in and then blow up later.

32. You can be extremely demanding of your partner’s time.

33. You second guess both your decisions and the decisions that your partner makes.

34. It takes a lot for you to commit, but once you do, you continue to vacillate about it.

35. You sometimes choose your partners based on if you think you can save them with your love.

36. You can be highly inconsiderate of your partner’s feelings.

37. You can’t stand lying of any kind, even when they’re just little white ones.

38. You don’t avoid conflict you seek it out because you find it exhilarating.

39. You have a very strong sexual appetite and your partner needs to be able to keep up or you’ll cut them loose.

40. You have anger management issues and go from being perfectly fine to full-on rage in seconds.

41. Physical appearance is very important to you and a major turn-off is when your partner isn’t looking their best.

42. You tend to live in the now and give little thought to the future.

43. You thrive on being independent and have been known to take off for parts unknown with very little for your partner.

54. You have boundary issues. If your partner hides something from you, you will make it your mission to find out what it is.

55. You’d rather walk out than work something out.

56. You tend to choose unsuitable partners and then are completely blindsided when the relationship doesn’t work out.

57. You’re so desperate to be in a relationship that you will find a million excuses on why it’s not really that bad.

58. You work too hard and take too little time off.

59. You have money issues. You think you shouldn’t have to share what you make but that your partner should willingly share their money.

60. You can be very fussy and you get annoyed if your partner doesn’t keep things the way you like them. Read:

61. Brutal Truths About Loving A Capricorn.

62. You can’t stand it when someone gets emotional on you and will shut down when that happens.

63. However, you are very sensitive to your own needs.

64. You get exasperated if you think your partner isn’t keeping up with you and your ideas.

66. You’re very independent and get cranky if you think your partner is holding you back in some way.

67. You often feel as if your partner just doesn’t get you. Read:

68. Brutal Truths About Loving An Aquarius


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Top seven Dating Tips For A Shy Guy

Shy guys find it very hard to profess their love or liking, like those Casanova smooth-talkers who have a way with women. The shy type always rues their incapability and lack of confidence is the salt rub on the burn. No matter if he is hot for the girl since forever; he will pretend not to notice her in fear of getting rejected. The fear of rejection has dug deeper in his heart which hinders his hidden potentials to surface.

A shy guy is a shy guy because he loves to stay in his comfort zone and pushing boundaries doesn’t come easily for him. Apart from the fear of being rejected, he thinks that he will end up as a laughing stock between the girls. So, here are some simple pointers to score with girls:

Be confident:

The confident wins the cake. You have to put on the air of confidence but not over-confidence around girls. Appearing confident hides the otherwise notable flaws and leaves a good impression on the opposite sex. Gulp down some alcohol; straighten your spine and act interested by passing on flirty glances.

Approach the women with a simple ‘hi’:

Because cracking kittenish one-liners is not your cup of tea, don’t strive to create a wrong impression at all. Just approach the girl you like with a simple ‘hi’, if she is interested she will reciprocate and you two can have a hearty conversation.

Entertain her:

Because sense of humour is sense of proportion, you need to prepare yourself before hitting the ground. Some people are born witty, some acquire it with practice. A smart man who can make a woman laugh is a package so show your funny side. You can, for that matter make fun of yourself to make her laugh too.

Be a conversationalist:

Besides being a good talker, being a listener is the key too. You have to be all ears to what she says and ask questions to prove that you are genuinely interested. However, don’t fake it as it could ruin the complete conversation. You can add anecdotes from your experiences too if it matches with hers.

Play Hard to get:

This one trick works with pretty much all the women. Women want attention so if they easily get that, they get bored. If you have someone in mind and all your efforts to get her to notice you have gone in vain, this is your last straw. She has noticed that you were interested but if you suddenly start cold shouldering her, she will be curious and hence will approach you on her own. When you are in a group, talk to everyone but not to the significant person, don’t flirt with other girls in the group and give her compliments when you start a chat but don’t look like a love-struck puppy.

Be nice 1: By getting a gift.

Be Nice 2:

Be your best self. Be chivalrous and definitely not a sleazeball that thinks mouthing nasty jokes are funny!.

Dress well:

There is a saying, dress like you are going to meet your worst enemy and the thumb rule of impressing girls is to dress well. You need to wear a good perfume so that the fragrance lives with her when you are apart.

Ask her for a second date with confidence:

Do it! If she likes you she will give her nod.

So, try these simple methods to make the girl your date this Christmas. Make no mistake, you have to be genteel to win her trust.

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Eight Rules You MUST Follow When Fighting With Your Husband

Fighting is normal in a relationship. Here’s how to do it the right way.

I have been watching my aunty and his husband for some years back about there marriage life and please hear her lessons follow couples.

Aunty: After 33 years of marriage , I’m here to tell you my husband and I have had our share of fights. And trust me when I tell you, there’s been some real doozies — especially in the early part of our marriage. In fact, you’d think we were in preschool based on how we handled our arguments.

The good news, though, is that it was those earlier fights that actually taught us how to fight like adults who love each other .

These days I’m proud to say we no longer fight. Yeah, we disagree from time to time and might not even talk to each other for a few hours when we are both feeling particularly stubborn, but the serious fighting days are over.

And because of that, here’s what we’ve learned along the way that’s created a marriage of respect, peace and love.

1. Don’t fight in public.

This needs to be a hard and fast rule. Not only are you putting each other in an embarrassing situation, but it’s very uncomfortable for the people who witness you fighting . Whether it’s around strangers or friends, no one wants to see a couple fight.

You’ll never be able to solve the issue in that environment anyway, and the awkwardness of it will only escalate the problem. If you can’t leave right away then couch the conversation until you get home. One advantage to this is that it gives you a chance to cool down a bit by the time you readdress the problem.

2. Don’t fight in front of your kids.

If you have children, they don’t need to be witnesses to the heat of the moment between you and your spouse, but sometimes it happens. When my son was three years old, he came running over to my husband and I while we were fighting. He made us hold hands and said, “Mommy, daddy, no more yelling. Only kissing .”

If there’s one guaranteed way to stop a fight dead in its tracks, it’s that. We picked him up, hugged as a family, and explained sometimes mommy and daddy get upset but still love each other. That moment broke the tension enough to allow us to finish what we started in a calm manner while my son went back to playing in his room.

Once we were finished, we went to my son, holding hands, and told him everything was fine. We told him to remember that sometimes people fight but when they love each other a lot; they always find a way to make things good again.

3. Don’t fight to hurt the other person.

When you’re angry, your ego tends to take over, and the ego is all about war; wars don’t exist without trying to hurt another person. When you go for their sensitive trigger points, their vulnerable place, you’ve hit below the belt and that’s very unfair and immature .

It’s critical to remember, above all else, even in the heat of the moment, this is supposed to be the person you cherish the most in your life and who has put his emotional trust in your hands. Words do hurt and they are not easily forgotten.

4. No pouncing allowed.

Sometimes when you’re angry about something your husband did or didn’t do, you can’t wait to get in his face about it. And sometimes he’s not even aware that he’s about to be on the receiving end of your anger. So if he walks in the door and is suddenly barraged by your anger , things will get out of hand much more quickly.

If he’s been gone all day, greet him as best as you can and give him time to transition to being home. He’ll know you’re upset just by your energy — trust me. Once he’s had 15 minutes or so, let him know you need to discuss something that’s been bothering you .

5. Don’t bring things up from the past.

In those heated moments, it’s easy to want to bring in other artillery from past fights that weren’t completely solved just to arm yourself with more ammo. That’s a big no no. All that does is take your attention away from the matter at hand and will extend, unnecessarily, an argument that might have been able to be solved rather quickly.

Even if the present fight is related to a past situation, still do everything in your power to stick to the issue at hand without nagging: “Here we go again!” “I’ve told you a thousand times!” A repeated argument is indicating that one or both of you isn’t communicating the truth of your anger in a way that is clear and specific, so there’s an understanding taking place on a deeper level.

And it’s not unusual for there to be an underlying issue that’s not being addressed , so you end up focusing on what feels more comfortable and safe.

6. Make sure what you’re fighting about is really the reason for the fight.

When my husband was going through a very difficult unexpected life change, he was edgy, sensitive and impatient. There were times when my compassion for his situation went out the window and off we went.

What I noticed during those moments was the fight was all over the place. I had a hard time keeping up with it. Nothing made sense. That was when I realized the fight wasn’t about anything in particular, but about our relationship . It was his fear about his situation.

Recognizing this, I stopped myself, pulled him into me and just held him. He melted into my arms. From that place we were able to discuss those fears and be lovers on the same page instead of enemies on opposite sides.

7. Avoid being overly dramatic.

Women can be experts at being overly dramatic to make a point or to make something seem like a bigger deal then it really is. Try to keep things in perspective and keep your emotional energy as even as possible . When you do, you’ll be listened to more carefully and the issue can be cleared up much more quickly.

8. Help the relationship and each other grow from the fight.

If all you’ve done is fight and found a way to smooth things over without truly feeling a deeper sense of understanding about yourself, your relationship and your husband, you’ve wasted a perfect opportunity for growth . The more you can really gain emotional and spiritual insight to what took place, the less likely you are to repeat the fight.

At the end, share with your husband what you’re biggest “aha” moment is from the experience and let him know what greater understanding you have about him that you didn’t before. Yes, ask him to give you the same feedback. If he can’t in the moment, it’s OK; I promise he’ll be thinking about it as long as you shared yourself, first.

And I’ll leave you with this: don’t share your fights with your girlfriends . Your relationship with your husband is the most sacred relationship you have. And nothing, aside from an affair, hurts that relationship faster than talking behind your husband’s back. Sharing the details of your fight and any personal information about him that he wouldn’t want anyone else to know about is destructive when he finds out.

And if you think he’s not going to find out, think again. The hurt look on my husband’s face just broke my heart. That’s all it took to never do that again. Please don’t break your husband’s heart.

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