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​Another Sad Song, Peace Mass Transport company bus involved in fatal accident again

Another fatal accident involving a Peace Mass Transport Company bus has claimed the lives of many passengers on board.

Another ghastly accident involving a commercial bus belonging to the Peace Mass Transport Company, with serious casualties, » has been recorded, where no single passenger survived.

According to reports, the bus with 19 passengers on board, was travelling from Enugu to Bayelsa State when it was involved in a head-on collision with a truck along the Emezi Road at Okogbe town, leaving all the passengers and the driver, including a baby, dead on the spot.

Eyewitnesses say that shortly after the accident, some unknown men drove to the scene of the crash » and tried to clean the name of the bus but hurriedly left when people started to gather.

In the past two months, vehicles belonging to the company have been involved in fatal accidents ahich has claimed the lives of Nigerians including one that happened on Sunday, May 22, along Umuahia-Okigwe road, when a Peace Mass Transit Limited owned commercial bus collided with a utility truck used for conveying of goods, killing 13 passengers on board.

Scene of the fatal accident

Is it not time government places a ban on this company?

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Wait, say what? MTN reportedly agrees to pay N1.04 trillion fine


Telecommunication company, MTN, has
reportedly agreed to pay the N1.04 trillion fine
slammed on it by the Nigerian Communications
Commission NCC for flouting the regulatory
body’s directive on SIM deactivation. MTN is
reportedly pleading for a staggered payment plan
to pay-up the fine.
Vanguard quoted a source as saying that the
agreement to employ the staggered payment
model followed a series of meetings between top
executives of MTN Nigeria and South Africa with
VP, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo.
“There have been series of meeting at the
Presidency between Vice President
Osinbajo and MTN team both from South
Africa and the Nigerian arm. MTN wanted
a waiver considering their level of
investments in the country, but government
did not buy the idea of waiver. Instead, I
think there will be concession, but certainly
not a waiver. At the conclusion of the
meeting, the MTN people negotiated on
how to stagger the payment. The
Presidency is even angry because MTN
was a signatory to the regulation, but they
are failing to comply with rules.” the
source added.

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