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Kenya launches first National Land Use Policy

By NJOKI KIHIU, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun, 12 – Kenya’s first National Land Use Policy has been unveiled to enhance planning and promote equitable utilization with the main aim of ending the perennial land problems in the country.

The policy was unveiled at a ceremony presided over by Deputy President William Ruto, who lauded it as a solution to unplanned settlements that have impacted negatively on the environment.

The Deputy President hailed the policy saying it will give Kenyans dignity and a sense of belonging as well as promote food security which is one of the key pillars in the government’s Big Four agenda

‘’Successful implementation of this policy will place Kenya firmly on an accelerated path to Vision 2030 via the big four agenda. Success is critical and there is no room for failure or mediocre work in implementing this policy,” said Ruto.

The Deputy President asked the Ministry of Lands to plan wisely on how the objectives of the policy will be realized since it will be the framework to plan for future land use.

Ruto reiterated that lack of vision, incompetence and mediocre planning is a threat to the development of the country and achievement of the policy is not an option.

“Every effort must be committed to ensuring that it succeeds in addressing food insecurity, unplanned settlements, inefficient land practices and environmental degradation,” he said.

Besides employing the Policy, referred to as the Sessional Paper No.1 of 2017, to address land problems in the country, Mr Ruto called on the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning to lead the way in forecasting and planning on the land requirements of the country.

According to the Lands Cabinet Secretary Faridah Karoney, the National Land Use Policy sets out long-term goals on land use management.

Ms Karoney said the policy provides legal, administrative, institutional and technological framework for optimal use and productivity of land in a sustainable way.

“This policy calls for the allocation of lands and issuance of titles on the basis of approved physical development plans. It further advocates for an audit and mapping out of the number and location of informal settlements and provide security of tenure,” she said.

By Ola

​FG to partner Israel on food security, tech transfer

Abuja —The Federal Government has reached an agreement with its Israeli counterpart to use science and technology innovations to drive food security, improve health care and rapid industrialization. The Minister of Science and Technology Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, stated this when he hosted the deputy chief of mission, Embassy of Israel to Nigeria in Abuja, yesterday.

Onu said the Federal Government would partner Israeli in the area of science and technology to improve food security, provide high yielding resistant seedling, pest control and mechanization.

“If we don’t mechanize the process of farming we can never get young people to farm because I cannot see any young person who will go and use the machete that our great grandfather used.

“We are more interested in producing food to make sure that Nigerians are not hungry, to make sure we are producing enough power to light our factory and our homes and we make sure that we power the industrialization drive of the nation for alternative source of energy,” the minister stated.

He restated the determination of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology to ensure that the nation’s economy was transformed from a resourced-based economy to knowledge-based, to effectively utilise all resources available in the country.

He also noted that the ministry was working hard to help Nigeria create jobs through research and innovations that would grow its Gross Domestic Product, GDP.

The minister said: “We are planning science, technology and innovation expo. This will be a multiple exposition in the country that will involve the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, all research institutes in the country, all universities and all research laboratories in our various industries those who are in the informal sector.

“We want to make sure we pull all the resource together, then we will invite the entrepreneurs, and investors to help us in the search for commercialization of our research findings.” Earlier, Nadan Goren assured that Israel was ready to share its knowledge on technology and innovation with Nigeria.

“Israel is good example of a country in which natural resources, two third of their land is arid and officially desert and the only way we overcame this challenges is using technology, innovation and I think a country that has this experience can share this experience, can share this knowledge on technology, innovation with a country like Nigeria,” he said.

“I believe the progress on the future we are talking about is on innovation and technology and also looking into education and the people, the human resources as the most important resources,” he said.

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