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Amber Heard appeals to fans to help raise money to help sick Syrian refugee

Amber Heard has started a fundraising page to raise money to pay for the medical bills of a Syrian refugee named Weam.

The 32-year-old actress took to her Instagram account on Thursday to ask her followers to “help her save a life”, as she revealed she is in the process of raising money to help fund the costly medical bills needed to treat a 12-year-old Syrian girl who is suffering from a “deadly disease”.

In a video posted to the photo-sharing app, the ‘Justice League’ actress said: “As you may know, I recently went on a medical mission with SAMS to a Syrian refugee camp, where I met this incredible 12-year-old girl named Weam. She’s currently suffering from a deadly disease and desperately needs our help. She can’t afford the thousand dollars a month it costs to provide her with treatment, she needs a blood transfusion immediately.

“I was so inspired by her – despite all these conditions – her beautiful, bright, optimistic soul, that I decided to do something about it. I partnered with Crowd Rise, and I’m starting a fundraiser to help pay for her treatments. So please click the link in my bio, or go to crowdraise.com/amberheard and please, help me save a life.”

Together we can save the life of a 12 year old Syrian Refugee named Weam – Link in bio or go to crowdrise.com/amberheard ❤️ A post shared by Amber Heard (@amberheard) on May 24, 2018 at 12:52pm PDT

Amber also left the link for the fundraising page in the caption of the video.

In a second post on the website, the ‘Drive Angry’ star posted a picture of herself alongside young Weam.

As of the time of writing, Amber has raised $3,195 (about R39,831) of her whopping $100,000 goal (about R1.2m)

By Agwujo Elijah