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Top seven Dating Tips For A Shy Guy

Shy guys find it very hard to profess their love or liking, like those Casanova smooth-talkers who have a way with women. The shy type always rues their incapability and lack of confidence is the salt rub on the burn. No matter if he is hot for the girl since forever; he will pretend not to notice her in fear of getting rejected. The fear of rejection has dug deeper in his heart which hinders his hidden potentials to surface.

A shy guy is a shy guy because he loves to stay in his comfort zone and pushing boundaries doesn’t come easily for him. Apart from the fear of being rejected, he thinks that he will end up as a laughing stock between the girls. So, here are some simple pointers to score with girls:

Be confident:

The confident wins the cake. You have to put on the air of confidence but not over-confidence around girls. Appearing confident hides the otherwise notable flaws and leaves a good impression on the opposite sex. Gulp down some alcohol; straighten your spine and act interested by passing on flirty glances.

Approach the women with a simple ‘hi’:

Because cracking kittenish one-liners is not your cup of tea, don’t strive to create a wrong impression at all. Just approach the girl you like with a simple ‘hi’, if she is interested she will reciprocate and you two can have a hearty conversation.

Entertain her:

Because sense of humour is sense of proportion, you need to prepare yourself before hitting the ground. Some people are born witty, some acquire it with practice. A smart man who can make a woman laugh is a package so show your funny side. You can, for that matter make fun of yourself to make her laugh too.

Be a conversationalist:

Besides being a good talker, being a listener is the key too. You have to be all ears to what she says and ask questions to prove that you are genuinely interested. However, don’t fake it as it could ruin the complete conversation. You can add anecdotes from your experiences too if it matches with hers.

Play Hard to get:

This one trick works with pretty much all the women. Women want attention so if they easily get that, they get bored. If you have someone in mind and all your efforts to get her to notice you have gone in vain, this is your last straw. She has noticed that you were interested but if you suddenly start cold shouldering her, she will be curious and hence will approach you on her own. When you are in a group, talk to everyone but not to the significant person, don’t flirt with other girls in the group and give her compliments when you start a chat but don’t look like a love-struck puppy.

Be nice 1: By getting a gift.

Be Nice 2:

Be your best self. Be chivalrous and definitely not a sleazeball that thinks mouthing nasty jokes are funny!.

Dress well:

There is a saying, dress like you are going to meet your worst enemy and the thumb rule of impressing girls is to dress well. You need to wear a good perfume so that the fragrance lives with her when you are apart.

Ask her for a second date with confidence:

Do it! If she likes you she will give her nod.

So, try these simple methods to make the girl your date this Christmas. Make no mistake, you have to be genteel to win her trust.

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Some Girls bad character

Girls why will you pack your load and be living in your boyfriends house, went to my brother house only to see his girlfriend load everywhere which i know my brother is not even ready for marriage in next 3 years, i told her my mind today, pack out of my brother house his not ready for marriage, if my mother meet you here you will hate your self, what does this girls tell her parent at home before leaving her parents home, nothing more but lies.
Now my question is this:

The girl that visit the brother what’s her business on that issue? Wasn’t his brother accepted her girl friend to stay? That’s the problem with we most Africans, yes i know that you’re trying to protect your brother but he never as any protection from you.. So i as ask again

Who is to blame Here? 
Is it the guy that invited the lady to come and live with him knowing fully well that he is not ready for marriage anytime soon and won’t marry her OR Is it the lady that packed her things to a guys house that is not married to her yet.

Your opinion needed.

Nigerian man who “sleeps in money” says he’s looking for Baby Mama (Photos)

A Nigerian man is in the limelight following his money flaunting antics on social media.

The young man who claims to be a multi-millionaire says he’s looking for a baby mama whom he will give 5 million and a car worth 3 million after everything.

The young man who says he has almost completed his mansion – is known for flaunting his “wealth” on social media as he shows off by sleeping in money.

See more photos below:-

Source: naijaloaded.com.ng

Obama’s daughter, Malia seen smoking a cigarette and kissing mystery guy at first Harvard-Yale game

The eldest daughter of former US president Barack Obama, Malia, was spotted at her first Harvard-Yale football game last weekend smoking and kissing a mystery guy. Read TMZ’s report below.

Malia Obama’s gonna remember her first Harvard-Yale football game — and so is the guy she made out with during the tailgate party!
Barack and Michelle’s oldest was pregaming with friends Saturday outside the Yale Bowl in New Haven, CT, and wound up kissing a mystery guy who seemed to be pulling for Harvard, too … based on his crimson tee.
The makeout sesh is no big deal — just a freshman doing what freshmen do — but the fact Malia lit up a cigarette might not sit well with mom and pop. Remember, Michelle famously disapproved of Barack smoking.
We’ll say this though … Malia made out a lot better than her team. Harvard got crushed 24-3.