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Hundreds left homeless as floods hit Ghana’s capital

Heavy rains last night caused flooding in parts of Accra, trapping some residents in their homes, submerging vehicles and destroying properties.

Hundreds of residents have been left homeless. The west of the capital, which is a low laying area, is worst affected.

Ghana’s MyJoyOnline news site had published photos of the floods:

The flooding has again exposed the poor drainage system in Accra.

Floods are very common in the capital and authorities say that the country requires around $700m (£531m) to fix the problem permanently.

The Ghana Meteorological Agency has warned of more heavy rains over the next two months.



​A 23-year-old millionaire pretended to be homeless to see how a restaurant would treat him — and it was worse than he imagined

Coby Persin, a 23-year-old vlogger with over three million followers on YouTube, recently dressed up as a homeless person for a hidden camera social experiment .
In a three-minute clip on YouTube , the millionaire can be seen wearing shabby clothing and carrying a garbage bag.

When Persin approaches a

restaurant worker and asks him if he can be seated, the employee turns him away and says, “I’m sorry. We’re not going to be able to do it, sir. This place is a little too expensive for you.”

After Persin insists that he has

money to pay, the employee asks him to “please get away” and “go eat at McDonald’s .”

At the end of the video, Persin calls his driver Ronaldo, who cruises up to the front of the restaurant in a Rolls Royce and hands Persin a briefcase full of cash.

Persin then tells the restaurant worker, “I told you I had money. What’s crazy is the way you judged people just by their appearance.”

You can watch Persin’s full social experiment in the video below.

Homeless man gives a woman his last $20 for fuel, then something remarkable happens

This is such a great story.
With the Christmas season approaching, consider this to be your timely reminder that kindness, decency, and compassion will never go unrewarded. A few weeks ago, Kate McClure noticed that her petrol tank was empty while driving in Philadelphia.

At the time, Kate left her house without any money and with an empty tank, she was clearly stuck in a bind.

During this difficult moment, a very kind homeless man named Johnny gave her his last $20 so she could fill her tank. He didn’t want any money, food or shelter. He simply wanted to help.

Moved by this remarkable gesture, Kate decided to set up a crowd-funding page to raise some money for Johnny.

As Kate states on her fundraising page: “Johnny sits on the side of the road every day, holding a sign. He saw me pull over and knew something was wrong. He told me to get back in the car and lock the doors. A few minutes later, he comes back with a red gas can. Using his last 20 dollars to make sure I could get home safe.”

She adds: “Johnny did not ask me for a dollar, and I couldn’t repay him at that moment because I didn’t have any cash, but I have been stopping by his spot for the past few weeks. I repaid him for the gas, gave him a jacket, gloves, a hat, and warm socks, and I give him a few dollars every time I see him.”

Well, after a few donations came in, something remarkable happened. Kate’s campaign went viral and it has since garnered an incredible $304,417 in donations and this figure is rising.

Since this wonderful news broke, Kate has informed Johnny that his wonderful act of kindness has been reciprocated by the public at large.

As stated on her Facebook page: “We finally surprised Johnny yesterday! As you can see, he is ECSTATIC!!! And it’s all thanks to those of you who have donated and shared. We still have not hit our mark, but as he said, just what we have now changed his life. We really appreciate the outpouring of support from this amazing community, and we hope that we can keep it going. Please continue to share and donate if you can. This smile is because of YOU!!!”

If this doesn’t put a smile on your face then nothing will. Take a look at Johnny’s reaction.

Great stuff.

Source: Joe.co.uk